Student Spotlight – Dahmi L.


Dahmi L. is a seventh-grade GATE student at Kraemer Middle School. She is currently 12-years-old and has Yearbook and Band for her elective. She decided to pick Yearbook as one of her electives because she enjoys how the class is always fun with her classmates joking around, and making weird yet funny conversations. When asked to describe her class, she said, “When it’s time to work, everyone finishes things on time and is hardworking. I love how diligent everyone is in making the school’s yearbook, and I can’t wait to see the finished product.” In addition to her Yearbook elective, Dahmi also enjoys her Band class because of the fun and music they get to play. 

Moving on, her favorite subjects (including all the rest of her classes) are math and language arts. Dahmi is part of the Geometry Honors class at Valencia Highschool, which she says is challenging and fun. For language arts, since she loves reading books, the class is more fun and easy for her too. Staying on the topic of school, Dahmi loves Kraemer because all the staff and teachers at KMS are, directly stating, “undoubtedly, AMAZING”. Even though the school currently goes through hybrid and distance learning due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the teachers and staff try their best to reach out and support what she and the students need. Understanding that the situation nowadays is complicated and stressful for some students, the teachers adjust their lesson plans and classes to give students as much help and enjoyment as they can give. To add to this, Dahmi describes school life so far as interesting because remote/online learning is a first for her. It’s fascinating how she can continue learning and do things that she can or can’t do at school. Looking ahead, although she’s not sure about her dream job/goal, Dahmi thinks her future leans more towards the medical field. But, for now, she hopes to maintain her academic grades to go to a good college.

Other than life on campus, Dahmi has her own preferred pleasure and entertainment. Her favorite hobbies are playing soccer (which she’s been doing for seven years) because she tends to be more of an active person, who enjoys being outside and playing sports. Dahmi is part of the SoCal Elite FC soccer team, which won 11th place in the national tournament. Another hobby of hers is playing an instrument during her free time such as the violin (five years), clarinet (four years), and piano (six years). Dahmi was always a very musical person and started learning all these instruments at a young age. As of now, she’s learning to play the guitar, and started trying it out during quarantine. In addition to sports and instruments, other leisure activities of hers are painting, drawing, and reading when she has time. Aside from hobbies, Dahmi’s favorite food is white-cream pasta and her favorite places to shop are at Michael’s (for art supplies), Amazon, Target, and Nordstrom (for shoes and clothes). These are a few locations and online stores that she looks forward to buying things from every now and then.

Dahmi was born on March 24, 2008, into a Korean family. She lives in Fullerton, and her family members consist of her father, mother, and a younger brother of nine years old. Dahmi used to have a dog a few years ago, but as of now, sadly, she doesn’t have any pets. 

As you can see, Dahmi is a brilliant student who loves challenging herself, but at the same time, has fun with things too. She tries her best every day to reach her current goals and future goals that are yet to be set. Although times are troublesome and hard right now, Dahmi has her school, friends, and family at her side to support her. She will maintain her Kraemer spirit and persevere as much as she can during this period.