How Broadway Actors are Finding Ways to Make a Living

Ever since the appearance of the Coronavirus, we’ve been forced to shut down lots of things such as restaurants, schools, and even theme parks. As a result of this, many businesses and people are taking a heavy toll from the pandemic. Broadway actors are one of these people. Many Broadway actors were living their best lives to do what they love and make $2,034 or up to even $100,000 a week. Many broadway actors are now making only 10% of what they used to make and are forced to find creative ways to make a living. The livelihoods of over 97,000 people depend on Broadway for a stable income. 

Before the pandemic, Matt Doyle, a Broadway actor, was making a 6-figure salary. Doyle now barely makes an eighth of it and is forced to pick up small gigs at restaurants. Matt Doyle sang and entertained diners while leaning out of a hotel window. The single-night gig only earned him 500$, which he had to split with the pianist performing with him. Doyle has also been forced to do other things like renting out his dream car that he bought last year. Matt Doyle has also been making money by recording over 500 videos on the cameo app and even singing Happy Birthday to fans who pay him 40$. Another thing that he’s been doing is writing comics and streaming games on Twitch.

Alysha Umphress, another Broadway actor, has been surviving by picking up singing gigs. She’s been doing virtual concerts and performances for a few private residences. The actress says she doesn’t know what her finances will be at the end of the year, but it will likely be less than half of what she made the year before.

Ali Ewoldt, the first Asian-American to play a leading role in a Broadway play, has been doing drive-in performances. She says it was certainly a type of performance she has never experienced before. 

Robbie Fairchild, a film and stage actor, started a business. He opened up a flower shop. Fairchild is selling flowers out of his apartment and on his website, “BookayNYC.” He says his website is doing very well, and he had to hire five other unemployed Broadway actors.

Many Broadway actors are eagerly waiting for the day that they can finally go back to performing and their regular lives. One Broadway actor said, “If you want to do something to help the arts, wear a mask.”