Lakers/Clippers update


The Lakers versus Clippers debate has been going on for a long time, and loyal fans definitely have their opinions on which is the better team. During the 2019-20201010, the Lakers won the championship while the Clippers only made it to the second round of the playoffs. The Clippers beat the Mavericks 4-2 and lost to the Nuggets 3-4 in the next round of the playoffs. It is a clear win for the LA Lakers in the playoffs, but let’s see how well the Clippers and Lakers did in the regular season.

 The Clippers’ win to loss ratio in a typical season is 49-23, and it is a winning ratio. The Lakers’ win to loss ratio is 52-19, also a winning ratio, but the Lakers won more rounds by three and lost fewer rounds by four. The Lakers win again in this category too.

The Clippers overall was a strong team with Kawhi Leonard, a Finals MVP, as their small forward, Paul George, a 6-time all-star player as their shooting guard, and Patrick Beverley, one of the most aggressive defenders in the league. It looked like an excellent team, but it under performed due to some circumstances. On the other hand, the Lakers have Lebron, a four-time MVP winner and to some the greatest player to ever play basketball, and Anthony Davis, a seven-time all-star.

In conclusion, the Clippers tried hard, but they lost in every way. The Lakers won more rounds. The Lakers lost fewer rounds, and the Lakers won the championship compared to the Clippers, only going to the second round of the playoffs and losing.