Netflix Review: Sweet Home

Recently, a new Korean drama television series, Sweet Home, was released on December 18, 2020. This Netflix Original was based on a webtoon called Sweet Home, with a genre of drama and horror. Since this series does have a horror genre and is rated for an audience of young adults and older, there are quite a few violent and morbid scenes that contain blood and weapons (and bad language). However, the story plot and lessons about humanity and ethics that Sweet Home teaches to its audience give impact and allow the human mind to reflect. Throughout this K-drama, multiple characters with different personalities show up, adding more suspense and tension.

To begin with, the story of Sweet Home starts with a teenage boy, Cha Hyun-Soo, who moves into an old apartment filled with strange neighbors. As a teenager who ran away from home due to his family’s sudden death caused by a car crash, he decides to end his life after a few days of dwelling on his last moments at this new apartment. During the first few episodes, more characters get introduced, such as Lee Eun-Hyuk (a poor medical student), Yoon Ji-Soo (a guitarist), Lee Eun-Hyo (the younger sister of Lee Eun-Hyuk), Seo Yi- Kyung (a former firefighter), and Pyeon Sang-Wook (a gangster). These characters’ lives get revealed little by little as they all dwell in this strange and peculiar apartment. Moving on, the rising action starts as Cha Hyun-Soo suddenly gets a ring on his door. A woman pleading for food wants him to open the door, but he hesitates to let her come in. As she tries to come in more aggressively, Cha Hyun-Soo sees her turn into some monster-like creature. This is when the people of the apartment first get to know the dangers of what’ll come next.

As the plot advances, the citizens living in the apartment find out the symptoms that reveal when a person is in the process of becoming a monster (severe nosebleeds, change in attitude, etc.). Due to this knowledge, the neighbors on the first floor (who are currently gathered as a group) get an urge to kick Hyun-Soo out of the apartment because he showed signs of turning into a monster. However, Lee Eun-Hyuk (the brains of the group) convinces the group of people to let him live and stay on the first floor as long as he follows their orders and benefits them. Soon, after a first few days of showing symptoms, Cha Hyun-Soo starts showing evil reactions, where his eyes go completely black, and his body gets physically stronger (with the ability to heal on his own). When the citizens start noticing this, they lock Hyun-Soo up in a room as a quarantine place and waits to see if he turns into an evil monster. During this time, Cha Hyun-Soo fights against the will to give up and turn evil, which ends up with him having the ability to control his monster-like powers. Relieved, everyone makes up a plan to get rid of the monsters in their apartment and find a way to collect food and water for survival. Throughout the rest of the episodes, audiences will see many people die, whether it’s to save others or because of their own selfish needs.

In Sweet Home, the cruel death of others and a sudden increase of monsters happen because of one reason: Greed. This K-drama web series was created to show the audience how greed and selfishness can allow the human population to lose their humanity. One by one, as more people turn into monsters, unethical things increase more and more for a person’s survival. As a result, there are some people in the apartment who completely lose their minds and turn into monsters. Similarly, others’ greed and selfish decisions put their teammates in danger, resulting in some deaths or injuries of innocent lives. Moving on to the ratings, Sweet Home reached #4 on the top ten list on Netflix. For Google, Sweet Home’s ratings are approximately 4.7 stars, and comments vary from “I didn’t like the acting and how the minor characters didn’t die off in the first episode” to “This K-drama is surprisingly addicting.” As many can see, there are both negative and positive comments. Although numerous people posted their own opinions and ratings on sites, others’ perspectives shouldn’t decide each individual’s thoughts on this web series. A negative or positive comment should affect an audience’s views on watching this Netflix Original.

Sweet Home is a horror and drama television series with a complicated yet detailed story plot. Whether it’s minor or major, all characters have their parts, which affect the drama significantly. The overall theme and lesson of Sweet Home is something to reflect or think about as one watches this web series.