Are Zodiac Signs Accurate?

Almost every person knows their zodiac sign but they aren’t always accurate. There are 12 signs: Aries, Leo, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Aquarius. Some people believe that their signs are freakishly accurate while others think that they fit better with a different sign.

Every sign has different personality traits that go along with it. For example, people who were born during March 21 – April 19 are categorized as Aries. Their element is fire and their symbol is a ram. An Aries person has ambition, independence, and impatience as their dominant personality traits.  However, even though a person might be classified as Aries, they could easily not fit into their sign. They could share more traits with the Pisces sign. 

Zodiacs evolved from Astrology, the pseudoscience of relative positions of celestial bodies. The study was believed to originate from the Babylonian people. It was later spread to Greece and Egypt. Based on the stars, Greeks developed zodiac signs. Zodiacs were made to predict a person’s personality based on the day they were born. They were also a way to track 12 of the constellations on the zodiac wheel. They also indicted the start of seasons. At the beginning of the Aries constellation, the season would be classified as summer. Lastly, the signs were used to find spiritual answers in the B.C. years. 

NASA astronomer Sten Odenwald said, “We don’t really know who first came up with the idea for looking at things in nature and divining influences on humans. There’s some indication that cave art shows this idea that animals and things can be imbued with some kind of spirit form that then has an influence on you.” Odenwald also stated that nature can give way to future events, sort of like tea leaf reading. 

Even though people living in B.C. believed in constellations and astrology most people don’t nowadays. According to a poll conducted in 2009, only 26% of the Americans asked admitted that they believed in astrology. So even though zodiac signs aren’t accurate with the personality traits that they are given, it wasn’t their only purpose.

Zodiac signs aren’t the best way to find out one’s supposed personality traits, finding out the celestial bodies on a birthday is proven to much more accurate than the given duration dates.