3060 Ti


via Nvidia

The 3060 Ti

The 3060 Ti is a part of the new 3000 Series lineup, the next-generation graphics cards. Some graphics cards are better than others, but they will all run the next generation of games like a breeze. The 3060 Ti is the cheapest card and least performing card in the 3000 series lineup, but that doesn’t mean it is bad. It compares most to the 2080 super of the last generation, and it has similar numbers to the 3070.

The 3060 Ti sells at 400 dollars, whereas the 2080 super came in at 700 dollars last year. This is the card where you get your bang for your buck, as you will be able to play every upcoming game of this generation with excellent performance at a low price of $400. Last year the card that dominated in games was the 2080 Ti, which was 1000 dollars. Now, we have a range of cards that all compete very well. The last generation, the lowest price new card was the 2060 and 2060 super, which were 400. The 3060 Ti is 35 percent better than the 2060 at launch with the same price.

The 3060 Ti is a very compact card that will fit in a variety of different cases. It has a cooling architecture designed by Nvidia on the founder’s edition card. Still, many 3rd party retailers make their version of the card with a different design and cooling by companies like Asus and MSI. 

This card is also perfect for content creation, recording, and video editing. It can succeed at all of these when paired with a good CPU like the 5950x or the i9-10900k. It can also run emulators and older games along with every new and up and coming game. This card is an excellent choice for pc gamers that don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a graphics card. The only question is when it will be available to everyday consumers.

All of the next generation gaming devices like the PS5 and Xbox series X have been selling out along with the new 3000 series cards. Every 3000 series card usually is sold immediately upon launch, either by bots or by scalpers who buy the card then sell it on eBay or other 3rd party sites for a ridiculous price. All of the graphics cards that come out in stores are taken by people camping outside stores for days. The cards do restock online a couple of times a week, but they sell out in seconds, and only a few people can get them.