Student Spotlight – Aliyah B.


Aliyah B.  is currently a 7th-grade student attending Kramer Middle School. For 7th grade, she chose to have PEER Leadership and AVID for her two electives. Next year, she would like to continue in leadership and has yet to decide between yearbook or speech & drama for her electives. She likes her leadership class the most out of all her classes because she says that it’s such a fun class. Inside of school, she enjoys hanging out with her friends during lunch. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Castro because she said that she loves to be in his class and he is such a fun teacher to have. When she becomes older and out of school, she doesn’t know what she would want to be in particular but she knows that she wants to help people. The reason why she wants to help people in her job is because she was inspired by Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, and many more historical figures. 

Aliyah B. was born on April 11, 2008. Outside of school, Aliyah enjoys playing with her dog named Ella, dancing, reading, watching tv with her family, or just generally hanging out with family. The types of books she enjoys reading are realistic fiction, fiction, and books made into movies so that she can watch the movie next.  Aliyah is the type of person to always be there for friends when they go through a hard time in their life. She’s there to cheer friends up and make them happy. Sometimes she would look into the interests her friends are into and she might actually start to be interested in it too but sometimes she doesn’t really find them interesting as her friends do. Aliyah B. is such a great student and friend to ever have.