A Little Princess Book Summary & Review

A Little Princess is a classic novel written by the author, Frances Hodgson Burnett. This author has written many classics, such as The Secret Garden, Little Lord Fauntleroy, and The Lost Prince. All of these books are known worldwide and are very famous. Her books contain a bit more complicity and advancedness, where readers get to know about the characters and their way of thinking (which is very important). Of the books written, A Little Princess is known by many people, where the reading depicts Sarah’s life in the seminary (boarding school). Throughout the chapters, she goes through many difficult and challenging times with no one but her and a few friends to help her. In this novel, readers will get to “experience” and “see” how Sarah acts and thinks incredibly at such a young age. 

    To begin with, the book starts with an introduction of Sarah and her father, who is very rich and wealthy. Due to her father’s business trip at the diamond mines, Sarah gets sent to Ms. Minchin’s seminary for girls. While dwelling in this boarding school, she gets all the attention from the headmistress (Ms. Minchin), as well as a large room, dolls, and clothes. For the following days, Sarah receives an education, where she makes new friends and a few enemies. Because of her advanced knowledge and education, Ms. Minching slowly develops annoyance and hatred for Sarah during the first few chapters of the book. A few of Sarah’s classmates also develop feelings of jealousy because of her wealth and way of speaking/thinking. Even though this young girl gets some enemies along the way, she also befriends two girls named Becky (a maid) and Ermengarde (another fellow pupil at the seminary). The three become best friends, where the two support and comfort Sarah along her difficult journey.

    The climax and suspense build-up as Sarah, now settled in comfortably in the seminary, gets a birthday party for her ninth birthday. Since her father has loads of money, Ms. Minchin throws a big party for her, filled with guests and loads of presents. However, during the birthday party, news about her dead father arrives and puts the headmistress in a fury because of all the expenses not paid and money spent on the girl. Right away, Ms. Minchin takes Sarah out of the party and tells her the news. Gossip about her dead father spreads, and Sarah starts to get treated differently. Girls at school rumor about her being too “princessy,” while Ms. Minchin disrespects and treats Sarah poorly. Fortunately, Sarah’s two friends Becky and Ermengarde, cheer her up and stay close with her as she spends her days cleaning, getting yelled at, and accomplishing many more chores of all sorts. During this time, readers get to know more about Sarah and her way of viewing such situations. The young pupil senses and understands how the poor are discriminated against by those of wealth and high status.

    The ratings of this book scored high with a variety of readers of different ages. From comments of “I hated the way Sarah speaks and is snobbish.” to “I absolutely adored this book!”, the classic novel is still loved by many readers. The commenters who disliked the book complained about the way Sarah spoke and how she was spoiled. They also talked about how Sarah was the only one treated decently when she was poor, while Becky, the other maid, was neglected. On the other hand, readers who enjoyed the book complimented Sarah’s great inner strength and perseverance during tough times. To add to this, people also commented on how the book revealed multiple values and morals that could be a wonderful education for young children. However, these are only perspectives of others, and the opinion of whether or not one enjoyed the book is up to them.

    In summary, A Little Princess is a story about a little girl named Sarah Crewe, who tries managing tough and cruel scenarios in her life. As the book progresses, readers will be able to see the development of Sarah and her mind. The classic contains morals and shows the virtues/vices of the characters in A Little Princess. Many people have commented and rated this book in their own opinion, but most recommend trying it out whether someone is a kid, teenager, or adult.