Student Spotlight – Annette B.


Annette B. is a student currently attending Kraemer Middle School. She is in the eighth grade and is 13 years old. Her family includes her mom, dad, younger brother, Joshua, and her dog, Roma.

She was born on May 24, 2007, in Los Angeles, California. Her dream is to become a virologist, a medical researcher/scientist who studies viruses and diseases at the CDC. She finds the different kinds of viruses interesting about how they can multiply and she wants to help people. 

One of her hobbies is art such as drawing and painting. She recently took up digital art. Her other hobbies are reading, writing, and sleeping. She loves writing fictional stories the most but she likes writing articles for The Cub Reporter. She is also the editor of the Opinions section for the Cub Reporter. Her favorite school subject is Language Arts because she likes reading different books and stories.  Her favorite movie is Tangled and her favorite book is The Hunger Games. However, her favorite author is Marissa Meyers. Annette says she loves all of her books but if she had to choose one of her favorites it would be “Winter” from The Lunar Chronicles series. Her favorite holiday has always been Christmas because of the long school break and the presents.

She wishes to visit Greece and Rome when she’s older. She wants to go because of the history she learned about the two places. If she could live anywhere in the world, she would want to live in Seattle, Washington. The weirdest food she had ever eaten was snail sausage. She said that it was disgusting and that she wished she had never eaten it. She hated the taste and the smell of it. Her biggest fear is death because she doesn’t like the unknown. 

Annette is a very hard-working student. Her biggest accomplishment was getting into Algebra after studying her whole summer. Her biggest pet peeve is when people look over her shoulder when she’s reading, drawing, or watching TV. She likes her privacy more than other people do. Given the choice to go to Alaska or Hawaii, she would rather go to Hawaii because she hates bears. She likes the warmth of the state and the tropical scenery.

Her preference for transportation is trains. She is a clean person but she can be messy at times when she feels lazy. If she was given a large amount of money she would invest half of it or save it and spend the other half to buy a house or maybe, spoil her dog. Also, she says the glass can be half full or half empty. Her reasoning is that if the glass starts out full and a person drinks half of it, then it’s half empty. However, if the glass starts off empty and a person fills it up halfway, the glass is half full. Annette B. is a very clean, intelligent individual who is very special in many ways.