The Return of 737 Max


via Wikimedia Commons

Boeing 737 Max

As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic has shut down the entire human world, but there is news of the return of 737 Max airplanes in the midst of all this. One of the most suffering industries is travel, and flying falls into that category. Many people in severe financial trouble and the travel industry itself flailing in the wind would ask why such a controversial plane would be brought back now. There are many more significant problems in the world right now, after all. However, it is essential to think of the future when this will once again be a big issue, so that way we are prepared.


To understand this topic, it is necessary to understand how all this started. The Boeing-designed plane was introduced on January 29 of 2016, when it took its first flight. The 737 Max later gained FAA certification on March 8, 2017. As of January 2019, the series has received 5,011 firm orders. Unfortunately, the 737 Max planes have been grounded since March 2019, after two similar crashes resulting in the deaths of 346 people. After what has happened with the Boeing 737 Max planes, it is surprising that anyone would want to get in one, yet that is precisely what may be happening soon.


Regulators have stated that they were wrapping up their inspection of the planes, meaning that 737 Max planes could be off the ground any day now. Under normal circumstances, this would be top news, but with everything going on now, it’s hard to even care about a thing like this, especially since very few people are traveling. Still, in just a few months, people may be soaring thousands of feet above the ground in these same planes, with masses of people below refusing to fly in them, and of course, flying in such a controversial plane so early could be a mistake. After all, these errors in judgment happen all of the time, even under normal circumstances when Inspectors say that there is nothing wrong with the product in question, and just a short time later, something is wrong with the product. These mishaps are not uncommon and can be incredibly deadly. 


Having the 737 Max planes back in service could be good news if there truly is nothing wrong with them. If travelers are planning to take a trip soon, and they see their aircraft is a 737 Max, they might want to postpone until they are sure that there is nothing wrong with the plane.