The Mandalorian Season 2 is Here!!

On November 12, 2019, Star Wars fans cheered as The Mandalorian season 1 started on Disney Plus. The adventurous TV show left fans in awe as season 1 took them on the journey of Mando and Baby Yoda. After only eight episodes of this adventure, the season was over. Fans couldn’t get enough of cute Baby Yoda. After waiting a whole year, season 2 of The Mandalorian was released on October 30th. This article may contain spoilers ahead!

The Mandalorian is set 5 years after the plot of Return of the Jedi. This show is based on the adventures of Mando, played by Pedro Pascal. Mando is a bounty hunter who is given the task of delivering a bounty to The Client. The bounty is actually Baby Yoda, and Mando is shocked that it is a child. After stealing the bounty back, Mando and Baby Yoda travel to different planets to hide from the Empire. Along the way, they meet Cara Dune and Kuiil, who will later help him keep The Child safe. As the Mandalorian works hard to keep Baby Yoda safe, he receives a message from an old frenemy, Greef Karga. He is given the chance to finally kill the Client.  Mando then returns to Nevarro to end the Client once and for all. The finale has suspense and action as a new character arises named Maaf Gideon. Cara Dune, Kuiil, and Mando must go up against Maaf Giddeon and the stormtroopers to keep Baby Yoda safe. In the end, Mando and his allies believe they have beat Maaf Giddeon for good. Mando was also tasked to return Baby Yoda with someone of his kind. The season was about to end until the directors left a cliffhanger. Maaf Giddeon was shown coming out of his pod, ALIVE! The show picked right up after the ending of season 1. Mando is shown on the journey of searching for a Jedi to take care of Baby Yoda. 

Why has The Mandalorian become so popular over the last year? Fans believed that this new series was better than the previous Star Wars movies. The Mandalorian was connected to the old movies but did not bring in all of the baggage of old characters. The directors were not forced to uphold the legacy of them and could have a fresh point of view. This series is not as confusing and lets new fans, as well as old fans, dive into the Star Wars galaxy. The Mandalorian also has a clear focus. Instead of jumping around to many new characters and locations, the story is focused mainly on Mando and Baby Yoda. Fans can watch as each event folds after another instead of having to watch many different parts crammed together.

Even people who aren’t Star Wars fans can watch The Mandalorian because it is an easy watch show. Each show is an adventure, and nobody can resist binge-watching the whole season. And if that isn’t enough, watch the show to see the next adventure of Baby Yoda. No one can say no to him.