The Lonely Whale

The Lonely Whale foundation was founded in 2015, when actor-activist Adrian-Grenier along with producer Lucy Sumner heard the story of the loneliest whale in the ocean, singing at 52 hertz. The Lonely Whale foundation’s ultimate goal is to make the ocean a cleaner and healthier place, by connecting people and turning them away from single use plastic. The lonely whale foundation works with partners to develop campaigns encouraging people to work toward a cleaner ocean. The main target of Lonely Whale is single-use plastic items, which are used for only a few moments, but continue to damage the environment for hundreds of years.


While the ultimate goal of Lonely Whale is to make the ocean a healthier place, they use a community/advertisement based approach to connect people around the world and get them to join the cause. Like any charitable organization, Lonely Whale takes donations of all sizes in order to help fund their mission. Lonely Whale uses advertisements and campaigns, such as #stopsucking, to make ocean conservation culturally relevant to the masses. They also partner up with people and companies of influence to help spread their message of awareness and action. Along with using partnerships with public relevancy to boost their overall message, Lonely Whale uses a system that allows private individuals to share their thoughts and ideas that might provide ways of reaching their ultimate goal of clean oceans.


Unlike many other charitable organisations based on giving aid to the sea, Lonely Whale has a great format that makes it easy for people to become heavily invested. Lonely Whale has a clear face of the organisation, making it easy for people to connect. This face is of course the whale called Blue-52, the cetacean mystery that sings at the unique frequency of 52 hertz and is believed to be the only member of its unidentified kind. This provides an element of intrigue to help draw people in and can also instill pity for the creature. Above having a great start with the loneliest whale, partnering with influencers, companies, and more makes it even easier to spread their message. Using trends like #s and slogans makes sure that Lonely Whale remains relevant in the eyes of the people. Since Lonely Whale also collaborates with the ideas of private individuals, people have an opportunity to feel that they are doing more than just donating. 


Above just having a noble cause, Lonely Whale has an excellent system allowing it to accomplish their goals. A cleaner ocean benefits all living things, and an unhealthy one can only bring harm. With so much to lose, it is important to make sure that the environment is protected, and Lonely Whale is doing just that.