The Mystery Metal Pole Found in Utah


@davidsurber_via Reuters

Monolith in Utah

On November 18, 2020, there was a mysterious monolith found in a remote part of Utah. This metal structure has the attention of millions, and people are going out of their way to see the metal monolith. People are still wondering how it got there. On a standard day, a helicopter crew was counting sheep, and they saw a three-meter tall monolith sticking out of the ground. They found the monolith on November 18, 2020.

On November 27, the monolith disappeared. Then, on the other side of the globe, the same day, another monolith appeared. After the first monolith disappeared, the 2nd appeared on the hillside of Romania. The first monolith disappeared only after several days of it being seen. Reporters say that the monolith was planted there and not dropped. Also, the reporters said the monoliths are linked to do something with the 2001 Space Odyssey. What the authorities didn’t know before it vanished was how it got there, who might have created it, and should they get rid of it. This was told before it disappeared after nine days. After the monolith appeared in Romania, a few days later, it vanished. The day after it disappeared, another one appeared on a trail in Southern California. When the monolith in Southern California vanished, more monoliths kept appearing. Since there were so many monoliths, people thought it was a trend, and people started making their own metal poles. These people would plant the monoliths in random places.

On social media platforms, people are saying that they are the cause of the monoliths, or they are fooling the world by planting these metal poles in the ground. Reporters covered this topic and said that this was not the case, and the monoliths are still a mystery. In total, there were eight monoliths, including several other fakes.  When the first couple of monoliths were seen, it had the attention of millions, which leads to the question of did someone create all of the poles on purpose? There have also been conspiracy theories regarding that each monolith is a coordinate that makes an image if someone connected the lines. Another conspiracy theory is that someone rich had spare time and wanted to trick the world. Both these are good theories, but people have proven that both of them were fraud. Out of all the eight monoliths, all of them are mysteries. No one knows how, who, or even when they got there. 2020 keeps getting weirder.