Should Students be Able to Choose Hybrid or In Person Learning?



Should students be allowed to choose to stay in Hybrid even after we start In-person classes? Yes, I think that should be an option. 

The reasoning for why I think there should be an option is because some parents are still really freaked out about the virus and they will be freaked out even when it’s over and we go back to regular learning so some parents will not want their kid to go full-time regular learning again. Some parents on the other hand might want their kid to go back full time. As for my family, we do not fear the virus anymore because we take very good care of ourselves and our health, never leave our house without two or more masks even if we’re not going to a store or somewhere that a mask is needed. Therefore, my parents might want me to go back to regular learning.

 Another reason why I think there should be an option is that a lot of students, including me, are doing better with hybrid learning because there are fewer distractions like friends, sports, getting in trouble for fights or talking back to the teacher, or whatever, etc… If this school does ever go back to regular school learning I hope that we have a decision to stay in a hybrid because as a student who had horrible grades last year, this hybrid or zoom learning really helped me. My grades are amazing and I’m very proud of my grades as a result of distance learning. 

One last thing is that some students get bullied. Of course, every school says. “This is a no bully space”, but it’s true and it’s sad that there are bullies and kids get threatened so maybe those students want to only do two days of school or hybrid. Sometimes they don’t want to talk about being bullied because it’s not easy to tell an adult about it so it’d be easier for them to have a choice of hybrid. 

Those are the reasons why I think Hybrid should be an option when we come back to regular school, (I know students parents or teachers, and staff may not agree or understand my reasoning but that’s why it’s opinion writing right 😉