Should it be required to get a Covid Vaccine and who should get it first?


image from Pixabay

The United States has been in lockdown since March 13, 2020. This means the Coronavirus has been around for about nine months. It has infected 15.2 million people in the U.S. alone and killed 286 thousand people. Finally, doctors have made a vaccine to counteract the outbreak. Should it be mandatory to take the vaccine, and who should get it first?

Pfizer and BioNTech introduced a vaccine that was proven to be 90% effective in preventing Covid-19. Considering this, it should be mandatory to take the vaccine. It should be mandatory to take the vaccine because there will be a handful of people who are against all vaccines. These people are known as anti-vaxxers.

 Anti-vaxxers believe that all vaccines are unsafe to use and go against their human rights. For example, in the only U.S., 91.5% of children take rubella, measles, and mumps vaccine. This means 8.5% of children don’t. The Covid 19 virus spreads quickly and easily so if everyone doesn’t take the vaccine then it puts them all back at risk. Making it mandatory to take the vaccine will lower the risk of anyone contracting the virus and may eliminate the virus itself. There are many misconceptions about vaccines that anti-vaxxers should be informed about. This may change their opinion and lead to fewer sicknesses.

Even though vaccines have been made for the Covid virus they can’t all be given at the same time to everyone in the world. I believe that the people in the healthcare department and high-risk areas should receive the vaccine first. The people in the healthcare department have been caring for those who are sick and risking their lives to do their job and help treat those who are sick. Not only for Covid but for every single other sickness that’s ever been discovered. Even after they take the vaccine they will continue to care for the sick so this will greatly lessen or even give them immunity to the virus. The more doctors there is the lower the risk of someone dying from Covid. 

In high-risk areas, Covid effects giving them the vaccine will reduce the number of people who contain the virus and will stop the spread to infect more people. In the high-risk areas, the quarantining will be much more severe and strict so giving the vaccine will help the area to return to normal. The people can have more freedom and breathe easier knowing that it is almost over. Eventually, the world will return to normal and get rid of Covid entirely but until then the vaccine should be given to as many people as possible and prioritizing the health care department and high-risk areas.