PS5: What’s New


Play Station 5

It has been seven years since SONY has come out with a different version of their Playstation Station consoles. Recently, on November 12, 2020, they released their new PS5 console. This next-generation console comes with a new slimmer power cable, a high-speed HDMI cable, and the new dual sense controller. With the Xbox Series X release, there is a debate whether the PS5 is a better choice or not, but either way, compared to the PS4, this console is a gamechanger.

The new dual sense controller has a very different design and has many unique features the old PS4 did not include. The first new feature is the new dynamic adaptive triggers. This will improve the gaming experience on the console by reducing the time it takes when players press the trigger to when it activates in-game. This leads to more shots being fired in a lower time. Next is the Haptic feedback on the controller, which allows you to feel physically responsive feedback into your hands. This is done by replacing the rumble motors with dual actuators. The controller also has a built-in microphone and headset jack with a dedicated mute button.

The console itself is powerful and is better than a lot of decent pcs. It pushes data at 5.5 GB per second, which means faster load times and game speeds. It also has 16 Gb of memory and 825 GB of storage. As a bonus, it now supports 4k and 8k gaming resolution. For the price of $499, it is a good option. Plus, with 120 frames per second supported, it can even beat a pc double its price. With the purchase of the PS5, players also get access to exclusive games such as first dibs on GTA 6, the new spiderman Miles Morales game, and NBA 2K 21.

It is run on eight custom Ryzen Zen 2 cores, which can clock up to 3.5 GHz, and a GPU that clocks up to 10.28 teraflops. Although this doesn’t beat the Xbox X, it is still a considerable upgrade in technology. Sony’s lead system architect for the PS4 and 5, Mark Cerny, says the PS5’s 36 compute units are roughly equivalent to 58 of the PS4’s computing units. The PS5 also includes much faster storage speeds due to it now connecting via PCI Express 4.0 interface. This boosts the speed of the load times and time it takes to download a game.

Sony has been working on getting the PS5’s fantastic audio accessible to everyone and not just the ones who have headphones with the feature or excellent audio gear. They completed this by building a custom unit for audio called Tempest 3D audio tech. What’s different about this is that the positional sound is based on a mechanism called the head-related transfer function (HTRF) that is different for every person. This allows the users to choose between 5 settings to get the audio that is right for them. The PS5 has been in the works for a long time, but the finishing result looks extremely promising.