What does Coffee do to the Human Body?


via Healthline

Hot Coffee

Most people think coffee keeps people awake or can stunt growth. Well, that’s partially true. Some coffee definitely can keep people up at night, but there is no factual evidence of coffee stunting growth. One study showed 81 women from 12-18 years old who drank coffee, and all women had no effects regarding growth. But why do people still say drinking coffee stunts growth? Most people believe the myth because of all the caffeine in the coffee.  Although there was no evidence showing coffee stunts growth, there was research on a study that showed that caffeine reduces calcium absorption, which is necessary for bone health and strength. Fortunately, the reduction of calcium absorption is very minimal and has little to no effect. To cancel out the reduction of the calcium absorption, people can add 1-2 tablespoons of milk into the coffee. Furthermore, there is still no evidence that calcium absorption reduction reduces the height of someone. 

There are other claims people have about coffee as well, such as it can raise blood pressure, or it can keep people up at night. People say the sugar in coffee can increase someone’s blood pressure and cause other health problems. It has been proven that only people with severe medical issues will be affected. There is no evidence of coffee stunting growth, but there are many facts on coffee keeping people awake. The caffeine in coffee causes people to be more alert, aware, and have more energy, which can interfere with people’s sleep schedules. The caffeine stays in younger people’s bodies longer than someone older people’s. Most people drink coffee for energy during the day, but the outcome is someone who can’t sleep. Some kids who drink coffee can sleep less, and this can contribute to bad grades and less focus in class.

 Caffeine affects places in the central nervous system, such as the heart and muscles. Some studies say caffeine has chemicals that can have positive outcomes such as staying more alert and lowering the chance of getting diabetes or gallbladder disease. Coffee can also lower the chance of someone getting depression. Another study showed that if an Asian person were to drink coffee, it would decrease the chance of getting brain cancer. This situation would be different for an American.  Coffee seems to be more positive than negative, and coffee seems to have no negative impact on growth. Coffee is an overall great drink, and it is used very often to stay awake and alert.