Tech War: PS5 vs Xbox Series X


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PS5 vs Xbox Series X

For the last year or so, #ProfessionalGæmers have been crazed about the new up and coming consoles. These will be available in early November, with their release dates only two days apart. These consoles are called the Xbox Series X and the Ps5. However, these next-gen consoles come with a price: the choice between which one to choose. Oh yeah, and the actual pricing of $499. Unless you are a YouTuber or have that good cash, people are faced with a choice, creating a sort of Tech War (that’s the name of the article. How cool is that?).

    One of the main factors is the price. Both consoles themselves sell for $499, although the Ps5 offers a cheaper “digital edition” that sells for $100 less. So the solution is easy, or is it? Just buy the digital edition and save $100 bucks. Well, not exactly. The difference between the two consoles is that the “digital edition” lacks a disk drive. To play, you would need to acquire added materials like games on the online Playstation Store. However, these make it to where you have to worry about online transactions and credit card details. You also cannot just buy the discs for the games, so you can’t use a gift card or cash. The one alternative is to buy the PSN Gift Cards offered at select retailers, but that still provides an inability to use gift cards.

    Both consoles release on similar dates, as stated before in the article. These dates are November 10th for the Xbox Series X and November 12th for the Ps5. The Xbox has a slight advantage when it comes to people wanting to get one of the new consoles as soon as possible. However, new COVID procedures have made the vast majority of people need to buy the console of their choosing online. People now have to buy via pre-order, meaning that by the time both consoles are released, there will be a virtually nonexistent remaining amount of items. 

    But enough about non-factors, time for some major game-changers. CPUs, or Central Processing Units, obviously process information. The units for measuring these are known as Hertz, and the more Hertz, the better the frequency. When using consoles as next-gen as the Ps5 and the Xbox Series X, these units can go into the Gigahertz. How much is a Gigahertz? Well, only 1e+9, which is approximately 1,000,000,000 Herts. And the Ps5 can run with 3.5 Gigahertz! And even more impressive, the Xbox Series X can handle 3.8! Another term that needs comparison is the GPUs, which are the Graphics Processing Units. They affect the graphics of the console and can measure in Flops. One Flop is equivalent to one mathematical equation or reactive string of code per second and is also measured in a larger unit known as Teraflops. One Teraflop is equivalent to 1,000,000,000,000 Flops, or one trillion! Respectively, the Ps5 can run 10.3 Teraflops, and the Xbox Series X can run 12 Teraflops, meaning that both can perform trillions of equations in a single second. As a comparison, a Ps2, you know, the console that everyone makes fun of for its bad graphics? It runs at 0.0062 Teraflops, so there is a good reason for the hate.

    Online storage, which measures in bytes, can be used in terms called Gigabytes and Terabytes (prefixes that stand for the billions and trillions). Ps5 can hold about 875 Gigabytes of storage, while the Xbox has 1 Terabyte. However, there is one saving grace for the Ps5, one that can shine its complicated digital measurement term light upon the fandom. It will help them even the score against their rival, and it is loading speed. These also use bytes, but in bytes per second. The Ps5 can load at 5.5 Gigabytes per second, and the Xbox runs at a DISGUSTINGLY low 2.4 Gigabytes per second (not really because that is still high.

    In conclusion, both brands of consoles have advantages that will attract different types of crowds. No real winner can be seen, except for the Nintendo Switch, because it tramples them with its portable design at nearly half the price. #TotallyFactualNonPersonalOpinion [should I think of a catch-phrase, like a sign-off?]. Umm, that’s it, and remember to, wait, hold, umm, remember to, (proceeds to speak in an Italian accent) “wear-a-your-a-mask.”