The Rest of the Story- Book Review


via Wikimedia Commons

Sarah Dessen, the author of The Rest of the Story.

Sarrah Dessen, the author of many award-winning movies and books, is the author of The Rest of the Story. Dessen published The Rest of the Story in June 2019, making it her second to the last release. In an interview with Epic Reads last April, she said that she was inspired to write this story because she herself has a big family on her mother’s side. She also said that she “loved the idea of not having a family, and then going to them and seeing that your world was so much wider than it was before.” In the middle of the interview, she describes her love for summer books explaining why she writes so many summer books.  

     The Rest of the Story is a summer book based around a sixteen-year-old girl named Emma Saylor Payne. Emma lost her mother when she was nine years old, detaching her from her mother’s side of the family. This book goes through her summer journey with her mother’s side of the family, which she hasn’t met since childhood. Emma had a small and perfect life as a child, and she thinks very differently about all the things she is doing during the summer. She lets her mother’s family call her Saylor, her middle name, and the name her mother used to call her. During the summer, she finds out what the world is like, and she learns about herself and her mother. Although this might be true, by the end of the summer, Emma has to choose to be Emma, a girl from the city, or Saylor, the girl from the lake.  

    This book shows a change in character and is very interesting. The Rest of the Story is relatable to some people and is also very realistic. It compares the lives and the importance of family to those who are privileged and non-privileged. The book is a fantastic addition to Sarrah Dessen’s impressive book collection. The theme and the setting of the book tie very well into the story and overall makes it an incredible experience to read such a great book. All in all, this book is a fantastic interpretation of life, and it is a great book that readers would want to read many, many times.