Enola Holmes Movie Review

Enola Holmes came out on September 23, 2020.  It has received many positive and good reviews.

Enola is not a normal lady living in Victorian England in the 1880s, though. She was a tough woman, and her mother taught her to fight.  Many people did not find it suitable for Enola to participate in such reckless activities as a lady, but that didn’t stop her from doing them.  This movie takes you on the journey of Enola  Holmes, the sister of detective Sherlock Holmes.  She travels in search of her mother, who had vanished just after her 16th birthday.  The 2-hour movie has lots of suspense, violence, crime, and action.  Enola Holmes is rated PG-13 and has been given 6.6 stars by over 100,000 people.  94% of viewers enjoyed the movie.

The main cast of Enola Holmes consists of Millie Bobby Brown as the notorious Enola Holmes, Louis Partridge as Viscount Tewkesbury, Henry Cavill as the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, Sam Claflin as Mycroft Holmes, Enola’s other brother, and last but not least Helena Bonham Carter as weEudoria Holmes, Enola’s mother.

As Enola embarks on her journey to find her mother, she encounters many challenges.  Her brother even tries his best to catch and bring her back home.  Mycroft wanted to enroll her in a finishing school for young ladies to learn proper manners and become a lady.

As Enola continues on her adventure, she meets a young man named Tewkesbury.  He is on the run from someone, and Enola wants nothing to do with him. Then Tewksbury’s life is in danger after almost being thrown off a train, and Enola comes to the rescue. This makes you question whether or not she doesn’t care about him.  There are parts in the movie that hint at a relationship comeuppance between the two of them.  Enola tries to hide the fact that she has feelings for him, and so does Tewksbury.

Honestly, this movie is terrific.  The acting in the fighting scenes is on point and looks so real.  The film is also based on the novel series “Enola Holmes” by Nancy Springer.  Millie’s character represents the fact that times need to change, and the stereotype of women needing always to be proper needs to change too.  Women need to be able to protect themselves, and being able to fight gives them that chance.

In one of the scenes in the movie, Enola is being held underwater and can’t get up for air.  Because of her intelligence and fighting skills, she is able to escape.  A smart and creative character that loves adventure is what makes this part of the movie so great.  

One of the other things about this movie is that it’s not like the typical Sherlock Holmes movies.  It differs from the rest.  In the other Sherlock Holmes movies, their mother doesn’t go missing, Mycroft isn’t trying to control Enola, and Sherlock isn’t just standing by letting it all happen.  It’s not a carbon copy, so it’s a lot more entertaining having a different storyline but with similar characters.

This is why Enola Holmes is such a fantastic movie.  It contains a mixture of suspense, action, great acting, and it is unique to itself.