Are E-sports sports?

E-sports should be considered as a sport. There are a lot of similarities between the two . For example, e-sports gives off the same type of hype other sports give. In more definition, e-sports finds a place in other people just like how a football fan loves watching a football game. It’s the same for e-sports fans who like watching competitive gaming. Schools have also noticed the recent growth/popularity in e-sports and treating it the same way as a real sport. e-sports also has a way of branding their merchandise just like actual sports, e-sports has a variety of clothes/ merchandise with team logos on it. 


Many people think e-sports is way different than actual sports, but it’s not that different. In fact they have many more similarities than there are differences. The practice and training they both have is one of their similarities. For example, in a basketball team, they are going over dribbling and passing the ball. They are improving mentally and physically at dribbling and passing the ball and also working on quick thinking when passing the ball in tight situations. The same goes for e-sports they practice and practice until they get good learning and having quick reactions, using different strategies, and making quick split-seconds decisions during matches. The goal in e-sports is to win, have a good time, and respect other players this is similar to other sports as well. There are also e-sports teams that have some of the best e-sports players in it; some of the best e-sports teams are Cloud9, Faze clan, Team liquid, and many others, these teams are just like other sports teams.


Some schools have taken notice of the newly rising popularity of e-sports treating it like it’s a normal traditional sport by making a variety of different e-sports teams and programs. With the help of the National Association of Collegiate E-sports (NACE for short), e-sports are starting to feel and become more like a real sport. NACE has over 170 different schools from all over the country, they offer coaching as well as scholarship opportunities, the same as what sports offers. The college Cal State Fullerton has a varsity club team that competes against other varsity club teams in games such as League of Legends( for short LOL), Rocket League, and Overwatch, all these games are some of the most competitive games but there are a variety of different competitive games to play.


E-sports also has the merchandise you buy, going from clothes with the team logo on it, to a gaming chair with the team’s colors on it. e-sports brands their merchandise just like sports does with their merchandise, for instance, Team Liquid sells merchandise such as jerseys, gaming chairs, hats, and other clothing with their logo on it.


That is why e-sports should be considered as a sport. There’s not a big difference between both of them, they both have the same similarities and even schools are considering e-sport a sport. With all the similarities these two have in common these are the reasons why e-sports should be considered as its own sport.


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