The Lakers success over the years

The Lakers are one of the most successful teams in the history of the NBA. Over the years, they have won the finals 17 times, and they have been in the finals 32 times over the course of the franchises’ life. The Lakers have won more than half of the final appearances they have made. 


The Lakers are one of the luckiest teams in the NBA. They had Shaq, one of the best centers in NBA history, and Kobe, one of the greatest legends in NBA history, on the same team. The Lakers are always a championship contender and are one of the luckiest teams with trading and drafting. They got Lebron James on the Lakers during the 2018 season, and During the 2019 season, they got Anthony Davis on their team. Some might call them one of the most dominant duos in the NBA currently. Another former all-star on the Lakers team is Rajon Rondo, one of the most creative point guards in the NBA. Their whole roster is stacked. The Lakers also have Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard was at one point known to be the best center the league has ever seen. During the 2018 NBA season, they used to have Brandon Ingram, a first-time all-star and averages over 20 points per game. The Lakers have a lot of other young stars like Kyle Kuzma.


In the past, they had Magic Johnson, one of the most significant point guards in NBA history and who has five rings. Kareem Abdul Jabbar who is known for his skyhook and his dominance in the court. Nobody could stop Kareem and his skyhook; even to this day, nobody has done the skyhook better than Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Giannis Antetokounmpo, a two-time back-to-back MVP holder and a defensive player of the year, was trained by Kareem Abdul Jabbar.


According to bleacherreport, Kobe and Shaq are in the top 5 most dominant duos in NBA history, and even Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Magic Johnson are in the top five most dominant duos in the history of NBA.


The only team that has an equal amount of championships is the Boston Celtics. No other team has more titles than the Lakers. The two goats out of three have played for the Lakers. The only goat that hasn’t played for the Lakers is Michael Jordan. Also, one day Lebron James might become the best player in the NBA.


Many people said that the LA Clippers are better than the Lakers because of how stacked the Clippers roster was this season. The Clippers had Kawhi Leonard, last year’s Finals MVP winner, and someone who carried the Toronto Raptors to a championship last season. The Clippers also had Paul George the cover of 2k17 and an all-star and many others, but the Lakers proved everyone wrong. 


The Lakers are one of the best franchises, if not the best franchise in NBA history. The Lakers hold up during all the change, and they are the most well-rounded teams in the NBA.