Michigan discontinuing swimming and diving after 2021

Many universities have been on lockdown, and many have had to discontinue some sports programs due to Covid-19.  This is apparent in Michigan University as it announces that it is discontinuing swimming and diving in 2021. Michigan State University had to make this decision because of two main problems.  


The first main problem for MSU Athletics is money. MSU has been facing a financial crisis that has made them let go of swimming and diving so other sports won’t have to be taken away. This financial crisis has never been seen in college athletics before. Michigan State University now has predicted that they will have to pay 30 million dollars by the end of this year’s projects but that, as they say, is the best-case scenario. Michigan State officials stated, “Our worst-case scenario would more than double that number.” In their official statement, they did explain that this was not to save money during this school year but to help their athletics program financially in the long run.


Even though they are ending these varsity sports, they are still assisting the students and coaches in the programs. MSU Athletics say they will honor the contracts of all caches as of June 30, 2021, and that they will make sure all student scholarships are fulfilled. They will help students move to another school to find and provide healthcare services to student-athletes and staff members.


MSU has always had first-class options and is very good at making their students feel comfortable. This was one other problem they faced as a result of 2019’s Coronavirus. Spartan Athletics give many useful services for their swimmers, but they cannot meet the swimming pool standards of their advanced swimmer’s demand. Since Covid 19, they have closed their outdoor pools and left coaches with the impossible task of getting students to join the swimming and diving programs as they are challenging programs.


As they said, they are supporting the student-athletes and coaches that are affected by this decision. Even though this will make some members of the team happy many were very sad at the news. When Bill Beekman the athletics director announced this in front of the team, many had very emotional responses. When John Letarte was asked, he said, “I only swam for two months, but in those two months and for the years following, I made amazing friends and got to see all of them compete for our school. It’s sad to see it end in such a neglectful fashion.” This only shows a small amount of how many MSU, swimmers are feeling about the news, and is an example of how this announcement has impacted so many lives.