What’s Wrong With The Eagles?

Lately, the Philadelphia Eagles haven’t been playing the best. They have a terrible starting record, and many people blame that on the Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. Everywhere on social media, Carson Wentz is getting blasted with hate when the Eagles lose, but for some reason, they end up praising him when he wins. This has split the Philadelphia Eagles fans apart and has made them ruthless.


One of the main problems with the Eagles is their injured offensive line and their young wide receivers. This has made a problem for Carson Wentz because now he feels the pressure that every play the team makes is on him. Carson Wentz used to be his old self when he had his teammates to help him. Now Carson is scared that he or his teammates will get injured, and he can’t let that happen. The offensive line is full of backups, so Carson doesn’t have much time to throw the ball either.


Carson Went’s passing accuracy has been slowly decreasing over the last two years. In 2019 it was 56 percent, but not this year; it is only 40 percent. In 2018 he peaked at 60 percent, but it was still around that mark in 2019, but in 2020 his passing accuracy took a big hit. Carson Wentz has more confidence throwing it to his tight ends than he does throwing it to his wide receivers. This is not a good thing. It is not good because the wide receivers are supposed to be the primary catchers on the team, and the tight ends are supposed to be a bigger second option.


Carson’s view is often centered in one direction of the field. When he is throwing the football, most of the time, he knows who he wants to. This causes him to focus on one covered player instead of the two more open receivers on the field. This is very frustrating because he can have many more opportunities to get the ball to the receivers.


Carson may have some luck for him because Jalen Reagor, Dallas Godart, and Jason Peters are returning. This is great because Carson will have more time to throw the ball and more people to throw the ball too. This will make Carson a lot more confident and a lot more deadly. If the Eagles can get back to back wins, they will gain lots of momentum and confidence to get them through the season.