Student Spotlight – Marisol O.


Marisol O. is a returning 8th-grade GATE student at Kraemer Middle School. Marisol is a diligent student who is currently in Choir and Speech & Drama. She is repeating these electives from 7th grade because she discovered that she liked these two classes after trying them the year prior. At the end of 6th grade, she auditioned for the choir for fun, and she got in. After doing this class for a year, Marisol wanted to do it again and reauditioned and was admitted once more. As for speech and drama, she only decided to do it to help her get over her Glossophobia, or fear of public speaking. She soon found that she enjoyed the class despite her fear and applied to Speech and Drama again.

Marisol studies hard at school to get the best grades possible. In the future, she isn’t sure what she wants to become, but she knows that she wants to get a job to help other people. Another possible future for her is to become an entertainer of some sort. Even then, she believes that she can find a way to lend a helping hand to others.

Even so, Marisol still has many hobbies. They include writing, listening to music, and goofing around with her two older sisters. Her oldest sister is named Luisa O., and she is 19 years old,  turning 20 in February. She is currently in her second year of studying theater so that she’ll be able to work backstage. Her second sister is named Noelia O., and she is 18 years old and will also become 19 in February. Noelia is planning on becoming a cook and is in her first year of culinary school. Marisol loves all her family; however, she admits that she is closest to Noelia.

If she isn’t doing any of her hobbies, you may catch her watching her favorite movie, Spirit. If not that movie, Marisol enjoys any fantasy movie with talking animals, or as an alternative, horror genres. Or she could be watching Criminal Minds, Law and Order, or any Korean and Spanish dramas.

Marisol O. is an incredibly fun and smart student here at Kraemer Middle School. She is a great person who is kind and always willing to do the right thing. Many people have had the chance to get to know her in choir and Speech and Drama. Anyone who hasn’t gotten the privilege of getting to know her should definitely start talking to her and discover first-hand what an amazing person she is.