Election Fraud or Not

The presidential election happened not too long ago, and the results overwhelmingly pointed to a Biden win. After people got news about this, Trump was in denial of the fact that he lost. Trump and his team got to work on why he lost. The team stated that there was fraud, but there was no given proof. Many people are doing their own research and speculating whether or not the results are true or false.

Many of these fraud claims are false, but research is still going on, as this article is being written. The only evidence found points to no voter fraud or scandalization. Trump filed many lawsuits in many states, but this action has gone nowhere. The voter fraud Trump has been talking about is a lie. So, why is he saying it even though evidence compels against his reasoning? The answer to that question is that Trump is trying to delay the finish by making people investigate if there is any fraud when there isn’t.

The states that Trump claims there is fraud are those he lost by a very close margin. An example of one of the states that receive accusations is Georgia. Trump supported the governor of Georgia in 2018 by saying comments such as how the governor cares for our veterans and his strength on the border and legal immigration. Now, Trump is taking back his words and saying that the governor has done nothing during his time in office.

Trump fans support Trump’s claims and say that new channels and sites are biased towards Democrats since it makes it hard for them to find evidence for the fraud. Trump’s lawyers are also supporting the claims, announcing that there are conspiracies they are hunting down to find evidence for. However, this does not make sound reasoning in social media because many are scattering to find evidence towards the fraud, where nothing has come up yet. Because of this, hate could be brought upon the Republican party, even though some of them don’t share the same views as other Republicans.

In addition to many other questions asked, another one of the significant questions are: Is this voter fraud a myth or a cover-up? For this, we will still have to wait and see for more proof and more coverage. Overall, many people think it’s a way to stall the election process, whereas the other side feels that there’s actual voter fraud going on by the masses. We might still not know years from now on, so the only answer anyone can give is time.