The Debates


Time Magazine

2020 Debates: Trump V.S. Biden

Throughout the history of mankind, bloodsport has always been a popular festivity. Just like the brutal gladiator fights of Rome’s age, boxing and MMA are still popular today. Another savage example of this line of entertainment is none other than political debates, where contestants will battle it out with words, reasoning, and evidence to hopefully gain the support of their viewers and destroy their opponent. However, while debating is truly a vicious and gruesome sport, it can be very hard to tell who won the battle and who lost. Since there is usually no physical violence in debates, it is very hard at times to tell the outcome. The biggest mistake as a viewer that you can possibly make (and a very common one) is to let other people tell you the details. Without having seen the entire debate for yourself, it is usually best just to steer clear of the topic in general.

Debates always attract the most attention in time before an election, and the next election is right around the corner. However, the last debates are over and all that’s left to do is to wait and think. With the last debate having happened just a short time ago on the 22nd of October, there are still plenty of people who have not made up their mind and it’s very unclear as to who will win. Of course, many different people and sources have their own opinions, and in a way, they themselves are debating against each other too. 

Since there isn’t really a clear way to decide who won a presidential debate (except for more debating), there will always be people who say that some candidates won or should have won even if everybody else disagrees. However, the presidential debates aren’t really meant to target those people. The real focus is on the voters who seem to be stuck in the middle, and some of those who are leaning towards one side. These are the voters who should pay close attention to the debates because at the end of the race, they are the ones who decide who wins. With Election Day on November 3rd, there isn’t much time left before one of these candidates is declared president of the United States of America. Every possible voter from all corners of America makes a difference, no matter how small that may be, so if you can, get out there and vote.