How Did Among Us Become so Popular?

Among us was a game released to IOS, Android, and PC on July 15, 2018. There were barely any players in 2018 because it wasn’t a big game like how it is now. The creators of Among us have received over 3.8 million dollars in revenue just this year.

Among us was made by the game developers Innersloth. The game is science fiction, murder mystery game where there are 3-9 crewmates and 1-3 imposters. The crewmates have to do their tasks or vote out the imposter to win the game. The imposter has to kill all of the crewmates before they finish their tasks. To trick the crewmates, the imposter can fake a task to try to fit in with them. Some of the famous tasks in the game are scanning in midday, fixing the wires, and downloading files, which people say is one of the hardest tasks in the game. There are various maps players can choose like The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polos.

 The Skeld is a spaceship with four cameras in different areas. There is one right out of the security room where players can watch the cams, one outside of navigation, one in the hallway leading to the reactor and medbay, and the last one is in the hallway in between admin and storage.

  Mira HQ is a tall skyscraper on earth with a launchpad, reactor, laboratory, office, and locker room. In Mira HQ, there are no cameras, but there is a hallway scanner, and players can see if the imposters passed the hallway or if they vented across the map. On every other map, the vents are not connected,  but on Mira HQ, they are connected. If a crewmate sees the imposter vent, and runs to the cafeteria, the imposter can vent to the cafeteria to kill the crewmate before he can say who the imposter is.

The last map that has been added is Polus. It is on a purple planet. On the map, players can see vitals and cameras. If crewmates are on vitals when somebody dies, they can see that it says dead, and they can press the emergency meeting button to say that someone has died. There are holes in the map instead of the normal vents on every other map. On Polus, there is a task that almost everyone dislikes, it is a maze task where the crew has to connect one end to the other end, and if they mess up, they have to restart. There are some theories that Polus is where the Imposters are made because at the bottom region of the map, there is an incubator with things that look like parasites.

In August is Among Us started to gain attention. It was on a streaming application called Twitch with streamers like Sodapoppin, Pokimane, Pewdiepie, and many more. Now Among us is one of the most popular games in the world.