Top Places to visit in Japan

Although a small country, Japan has many beautiful sites and diverse geology that people from all over the world go to visit. For example, Hitsujiyama Park, Tohoku, Nagoya, and many others! Hitsujiyama Park consists of gentle hills covered with shibazakura trees. It is well-known for its Shibazakura Festival, also known as the “Pink Moss” Festival. It is called this because, during the time of the festival, which is around the fall/winter time, shibazakura (a type of flower) on the numerous trees fall to the ground, creating a blanket of pastel pink on the ground.

Tohoku, on the other hand, is built up of multiple mountain ranges. Tohoku is made up of six prefectures, each of which is full of dramatic landscapes. One of these landscapes is called Zao Onsen, one of the most foreigner-friendly areas in Tohoku. The main reason that Zao Onsen is visited by people around the world is to see the “snow monsters.” Snow monsters are made by Siberian winds that rush through Zao Onsen, creating multiple blankets of snow on the many trees. This results in the trees freezing into a unique humanesque form. Contradicting the brisk environment in Zao Onsen, the area consists of many outdoor hot springs, thus the name Zao Onsen(in Japanese, onsen means hot springs). Many people like to relax at the onsens after a long day of skiing, snowboarding, or hiking.

One of the most popular prefecture in Japan is Okinawa. The Emerald Beach has intrigued many families to their beach for they are near Churaumi Aquarium. Of course, there are numerous other beaches to choose from, including Manza Beach, Kouri Beach, and Cape Manzano. Okinawa’s beaches are well-known for their hot temperatures and crystal clear waters. For some visitors, scuba diving captivates their attention due to the colorful reefs and wondrous sea life. There have been sightings of old ruins underwater, which could be signs of a city submerged like Atlantis.

Although Japan has a distinct geography, it is mainly recognized for its abundance of animes (Japanese animations). People all over the world love anime and visit Japan primarily because of it. Some popular attractions frequented by tourists are the My Hero Academia Hotel, Ghibli Museum, the Kyoto International Manga Museum, and more. The My Hero Academia Hotel features a collaboration between the Tokyo Prince Hotel and the anime. Two-room designs are based on where the characters first meet Izuku Midoriya (the main character) and his bedroom. Several posters are on the walls, along with My Hero Academia themed pillows. The rooms also come with themed merch and drinks! This will be a favorite throughout the anime community.

Anime, of course, has production companies, where you can usually tell the difference between the different productions. One of the anime production companies is Studio Ghibli. They are famous around the world for their films and visuals. Japan even has a museum for the company! It’s called the Ghibli Museum, where lots of anime fans love to visit. Miyazaki, who is also the director of Studio Ghibli, was the co-founder of this museum. The Studio Ghibli Museum has many models of characters that appear in one of their films. The museum walls are filled with colorful pieces of fine art and include even the smallest of details.

Manga is the “origin” of anime. The mangaka (author of the manga) has to create a manga first and, if enough people like it, it will become an anime. Although many people watch anime, lots of people also read manga. Because of this, Japan made its first museum devoted to manga called the Kyoto International Manga Museum. The museum contains around 300,000 manga, and the museum serves as a library so visitors can read manga without having to buy it. It also has a shop and a cafe where manga readers can also read manga while having a sip of coffee or basking in the sunlight.