Student Spotlight – Randee S.


Randee S. is an 8th grader at Kraemer Middle School. She is a GATE student and is also taking Honors Geometry. This year she is enjoying her two electives, Spanish and TA for computer applications. She is also part of 2 Kraemer clubs. This year she has joined Cyber Patriots and is also a member of NJHS. NJHS stands for National Junior Honor Society and is all about scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. She previously went to Topaz Elementary School and had to leave many of her friends behind. She has quickly made a friend group. Randee’s friends describe her as smart, funny, chill, enthusiastic, and a kind friend. She is always there to help them with their homework or just to talk.

In her free time, she enjoys staying both inside and outside. Depending on her mood, she can be found in multiple places. Randee is close to her older sister, Chamudee. They both love to be outside and play tennis. Other times, they will go on walks and gossip. Randee also has a younger sister named Dimendee. They love to play board games and tennis together. All three of the sisters have been playing tennis together for a long time. Randee is a great older sister and is always helping her sister with school work. Randee is close to both her sisters and loves to spend time with them. When the weather is hot, Randee can only be found inside. Both she and her older sister love to binge-watch shows on Netflix or go to the mall. On a Friday night, Randee will be on her bed watching whatever she can find on Netflix. During quarantine, she binged watched anything she could find. Even though she has many favorites, her all-time favorite is Vampire Diaries. While doing her school work, she loves to talk to friends or listen to music. Her current favorite artist is Harry Styles, and she especially likes the song “Golden.” 

Randee loves all types of food. Her favorite kind of food is Korean Barbecue and usually gets it from a restaurant called ‘Mr. BBQ’. She also really likes In-n-Out and usually only gets fries. Like most teenagers, she also loves to get Starbucks. She sticks with what she likes and mostly only gets the strawberry cream frappuccino. When Randee isn’t going out to eat, she also bakes desserts. She sticks to the classics by baking brownies, cakes, and cupcakes. All in all, Randee is a kind and compassionate person. She loves simple things and hanging out with friends or family.