Top 3 Places to Visit in South Korea

South Korea is an attention-catching place to visit for tourism. When people hear about the country, they might think of food and shopping. Even though there are many different types of food and shopping locations in South Korea, there are many other spots to visit. South Korea has natural, modern, and cultural sights that hold meaning in them too.

One of the top places to go when you arrive in South Korea for vacation is the Namsan Tower, a building in Seoul (the capital) and 1,574 feet tall. It is located on Namsan Mountain and is one of the main attractions of South Korea. This tourism spot is surrounded by nature, but also has a modern and cultural taste to it. People can take the gondola, bus, or just walk up the mountain to this tower (great for exercise too). Inside the Namsan Tower, there are multiple things to do and explore for fun. In the observatory room, people can look at the wonderful views this tower brings. A few more places near the tower are restaurants, the Hanbok Culture Experience Center, and Love padlocks. In restaurants, the food varies from Korean to Western food. They serve burgers, Korean noodles, and snacks in case people get hungry during the tour. The Hanbok Culture Experience Center is amazing, as well. It is located in the Namsan Tower lobby and is very cultural/traditional. Tourists can dress in the traditional hanbok attires and take pictures at the photo zones. Admission fees for these aren’t pricey and cost between one to four dollars. In addition to this, there are love padlocks near the tower. Couples or tourists can buy or bring a padlock and inscribe their names or initials on it (a message too if they want to). After finishing this step, they can lock it onto the bridge fence. As you can see here, the Namsan Tower has many popular spots for tourism and enjoyment.

Next, a really fun and exciting place to go to is Everland, the country’s largest theme park. There are many indoor and outdoor rides, a zoo, and festive parades too. People can transport from Seoul (taking approximately two hours) and purchase tickets for less than $100 each (fast passes can be bought). In Everland, there are five theme parks: European Adventure, Magic Land, American Adventure, Zootopia, and Global Fair. In European adventure, there are thrill rides like the T-Express, while Magic Land has Thunder Falls. American Adventure has Robot VR, Zootopia has Safari World, and Global Fair has a Grand Emporium (shopping place). If there are little kids who don’t meet the height expectations, then they can ride family-friendly rides provided in Everland. Other than rides, there are multiple foods to buy, such as ice cream, smoothies, hotdogs, churros, and more. There are souvenir shops, where people can purchase things like magnets, stuffed animals, and toys. Also, one of the main attractions for Everland is its parades. The parades are very festive and bright, lasting from day to night (with break periods for the performers). There are dressed-up employees, bright lights, and parade floats to bring cheer to the audience.

Lastly, the final of the top three places to go in South Korea is the Namdaemun Market. This market is the oldest and biggest out of all of the markets in the country. The Namdaemun Market is located near The Great South Gate and is one of the biggest attractions in South Korea. It is an open market and has shops lining the streets, with hundreds of shoppers. People of any age can buy all sorts of things such as clothes, food, and cosmetics. In the Namdaemun Market, merchants sell cultural and traditional things too. Items like hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) and wallets can be bought at this place as well. Something very popular in this market is the food. A variety of street food like spicy tteokbokki, red bean paste toast, and mochi rice balls are sold there. Products at the Namdaemun Market can be bought at inexpensive prices. This is a great place for people who love shopping for many goods, or who love eating new and delicious food.

Overall, there are positively many places to visit in South Korea, but the top three spots to visit are the Namsan Tower, Everland, and Namdaemun Market. These locations have a mix of a modern, cultural, and natural feeling, with fun things to do. There’s delicious food, beautiful view spots, and wonderful products to shop at these places. Everyone should go there at least once in their lifetime while staying in South Korea.