Student Spotlight – Jordan B.

Student Spotlight - Jordan B.

Jordan B. is currently a seventh-grade GATE student attending Kraemer Middle School (KMS). She is thirteen years old and has two electives of Spanish and computer applications at KMS. Jordan decided to take these two electives as her choice because she wanted to be able to understand her relatives and people better at future jobs/events by learning Spanish. For computer applications, she wanted to be taught to have more advanced skills in technology to get more comfortable using it. Also, Jordan’s favorite class, including her subject classes (math, language arts, science, and social studies), is Spanish because she feels like she’s learning a lot by progressing and developing along the way. Even though due to COVID-19, school is online, Jordan still has a positive attitude and enjoys seventh-grade life so far. She loves her friends and teachers, as well as all of her classes that she takes online at Kraemer through Zoom. Later on, Jordan hopes to go to Valencia Highschool and enroll in the I.B. program there, taking another step forward toward her dream goal of becoming a pediatrician (or go to Yorba Linda Highschool if something changes). 

  Although school is very fun for Jordan, there are multiple things she does for a hobby at home. She loves to bake (a lot of desserts like cookies), pet her dogs, and watch her fish move around in the tank. Not only that, but she likes watching TV, Youtube, and TikTok too. A sport Jordan plays is soccer, which she practices nearly every day and is on a team called OC Surf. She listens to multiple pop songs and her favorite movie is Mamma Mia! because of their energetic and funny songs. Another fun fact about Jordan is that she loves animals, especially monkeys because they are “cute, smart, and similar to humans”. Also, food that Jordan loves to eat anytime is turkey tacos. According to her, they have “salsa and turkey pieces on it, which I can never get tired from eating”. Aside from these fun facts about Jordan, her dream goal is to graduate middle school with great achievements and go to Valencia Highschool (as mentioned above). For college, she wishes to attend Harvard University so she can pursue her dreams of becoming a pediatrician, challenge herself, live up to having a great reputation, and be able to live a good life. As a pediatrician, Jordan wants to help people in need, especially children, because she enjoys being around younger children.

Jordan was born on September 2nd, 2007 into a half White (dad’s side) and half Mexican (mom’s side) family. Her family members consist of her dad, mom, an older twin sister and brother (who are 15 years old), and her pets. She has two dogs named Max, a labradoodle, and Roxy, a chocolate labrador. Adding on to her pets, Jordan also has 8 fish named Cheese, Bernie, Ken, Macaroni, Alex, Falisha, Bob, and Chicken Nugget. Her family is the support of her livelihood and encouragement to go on further by challenging herself.

In summary, Jordan Baughman is a fabulous and hard-working seventh-grade student at Kraemer Middle School, with big hopes and dreams of her own to achieve. She has her school, hobbies, and family at her side to assist and keep her enthusiastic anywhere at any time.