The Philippines

The Philippines are located in Southeast Asia, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, consisting of 7,641 islands. In the Philippines, some recommendations for places to go and visit some of these places.


Manila is the capital of the Philippines and also holds lots of its history. To learn more about this history can go to a tour agency in Manila or go on a made by other people route and learn about history.


Chocolate Hills is located on the island of Bohol. It is one of the most famous landmarks varying in many different hill sizes from 30 to 120 meters. There are also over 1,200 peculiar shaped hills in the landmark the Chocolate Hills. There is a monkey known as the Tarsier (Tarsiers are small monkey-like creatures with big eyes) in Bohol. The Tarsier is exclusive to Bohol and can be found in the forests or zoos with the Tarsier in it. It is definitely worth trying to see the cute and small animal. 


On the Island of Cebu, it is considered the port of some of the best diving and snorkeling spots. Cebu also has another amazing sight that attracts lots of photographers to see. It’s sea caves are what attracts most of these photographers to the place. 


Puerto Princesa, it’s rock islands, caves, and natural parks of Palawan makes this place’s natural beauty a perfect paradise. The coastal city of Puerto Princesa, which is where the experience should take to, this place holds most of its natural gems of this country. 


 Boracay is considered the Philippines’ beach capital; this is because this island has over 12 beaches to go to. The small island is perfect for people who love the beach and for people that want some relaxation or just love the water. It’s said that White Beach on the west side of this island is one of the best beaches in the Philippines to go to. 


Apo Island offers sea turtles and other sea life to be seen when taking a guided sea trip. This island is special because of the protected marine sanctuary. The marine sanctuary offers guided sea trips to see the sea life; go to the Apo Island Marine Reserve, and this is where to sign up for your guided sea trip. 


 The Philippines has many travel locations people can go ahead and take a visit to. But Visiting all 7,641 of them is technically impossible, so that’s why these are some of the recommended places to visit. After visiting these places, you will never forget them.