Rare Blue Moon will Appear on Halloween


Halloween. It’s already scary. Surely it can’t get any spookier? Well, it can. 2020 is now introducing the rare blue moon on Halloween. So what is a blue moon? Well, a blue moon has two definitions. The first definition is the second full moon of a month. Typically, a full moon only happens once a month. The moon at the end of the month is usually almost full but not enough to be considered a full moon. A full moon typically occurs in the first or second week of a new month.

The second definition of a blue moon is it is literally a  blue moon. On especially rare occasions, the moon emits a blue hue. This is caused when a forest fire or a volcano erupts, and the smoke and ash from the heat are driven into the atmosphere. This leaves the moon with a blue-greenish hue. The last time this happened was in June 1991, when Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted.  

There were also myths created about blue moons. In the early 1900s, places like Maine Farmer’s Almanac said that a blue moon was a phenomenon and was when three full moons only take place instead of four. In 1946, astronomer James High Pruett came up with the definition we all know today when he said the first claim was wrong.

The last blue moon made its appearance on March 31, 2018, 2 years, and seven months ago. The first full moon of October 2020 took place on the 1st. It was the first full moon of the autumn season, known as the “harvest moon.” However, the second full moon is the rare blue moon that everyone around the world, except for people in central and eastern Australia.

The last full moon on Halloween was in 2001. So what is so scary about having a full moon on Halloween? According to old folklore, a witch’s power is stronger on Halloween during a full moon. Fortunately, it’s not something to be scared of unless you’re superstitious.

Halloween is about to get even more memorable. It is just a blue moon, but it’s a blue moon on Halloween, which is extremely rare! Get ready to experience this rare event, and go grab your phones, telescopes, and maybe even go for a walk under the moonlight of the blue moon. Take advantage of this event, because it might be a while before it happens again!