A Whisker Away


On June 18th, 2020, Netflix released the movie A Whisker Away. It was originally supposed to be released in Japan. At first, it got delayed, but later it was canceled due to the pandemic. This movie is about a girl named Miyo Sasaki, also known by Muge. She is a junior-high student with messy light brown hair and brown eyes. Miyo’s mother wanted nothing to do with her, so Miyo lives with her father and step-mother now. Miyo and Kauru, her step-mother, don’t get along. When Miyo was younger, she went to a local shrine festival with her mother. Miyo became upset and ran to a nearby bridge, where she met a mysterious cat. The cat makes and sells masks to people who wanted to leave their real lives behind. She received one of the cat masks and transformed into a cat. She uses the mask to go and meet a boy named Kento Hinode. One day Miyo found out that the Hinode family can no longer afford their pottery shop. Miyo saw the sadness in Kento’s face, so she decided to write him a letter confessing her love for him. The next day a bully grabs the letter and reads it aloud to embarrass both Miyo and Kento. Kento told Miyo that he hates her in front of the class. 

Later, Miyo turns into Taro and goes and spends the night with Kento. In the morning, Miyo thought that her life as a cat would be better than having her real-life without Kento. Miyo’s face came off and took the shape of a porcelain mask. The mask seller came to Kento’s house to collect Miyo’s face, and he told her that he would give it to a cat that wants to become a human. Miyo’s family and friends became worried and started to search for Miyo. When Kento was searching for Miyo, he confessed to Taro that he doesn’t really hate Miyo. Miyo is stuck in the cat form and is starting to turn fully into a cat. She later regretted her decision, and she found out that Kinako, step-mother’s cat, had received Miyo’s mask and taken over her life. Miyo had asked Kinako to return her face, but Kinako refused. Kinako wants to give her owner happiness, but her life is soon ending. Miyo had followed the mask seller hoping to convince him to turn her back to human. She ended up on the island of cats. She asked all the cats there if they know where she can find the mask seller. Kinako soon found out that the step-mother loves her cat a lot, and Kinako has a change of heart. 

Kinako goes to Kento’s house and tells him the secret behind the masks, and takes him to the island of cats to find Miyo before the transformation becomes fully permanent. Miyo found a bar with people who used to be humans and later found out that Kento was at the mask seller’s shop. Miyo and another cat ran to the shop and let out Kento and Kinako. When Kinako was about to give Miyo her face back, the mask seller took Miyo quickly. Once Kento finally found Miyo, the mask seller took both Kento and Miyo to a place called “Promised Place” to make the transformation permanent and take both of their lifespans. But the group of humans that were previously turned into cats Miyo met came to save them. Miyo got her face back, and when Miyo and Kento finally reached the real world, they confessed their love for each other.