Should TikTok Be Banned?

Ah, TikTok. One of the most influential mobile apps of the past years, coming out in 2016. It started to grow exponentially since 2018, with almost three times as many installs as the 4th quarter of 2017. Tiktok is where people can share their interests, jokes, funny skits, tricks, and… dances. Honestly, I’m not really a fan. I don’t see the point. There are far more platforms for this, even ones where people sort through the best TikToks. But that isn’t the article topic, and instead, it is to answer the question: Should TikTok be banned? And no matter how much I want to, no matter how much I want to put it in the pavement, as much as I want to request Donald Trump to use this to support his case, I can’t. All the unbiased sources (biased sources would provide one-sided arguments) give both sides good reasons, and I have to say: no. TikTok should not be banned. And if you will excuse me, I have to scream into my pillow (proceeds to use the full extent of my lung capacity directed towards what I use to sleep).

First of all, TikTok can provide a useful way to learn new things. With all sorts of different topics that span across billions of clips, people on this platform can partake in a plethora of primo practices panning over plenty of pretty productive topics (pretty good alliteration, right)? Different informational videos can be helpful for those trying to learn a new skill or have just been interested in the video itself. Cooking, engineering, and neat tips can often be seen at random. Marking your favorites can let you reference back to them when necessary, and while informational videos may not be the most popular TikTok genre, people can go through them while getting the occasional laugh from time to time. 

Additionally, TikTok is a way to branch out virtually towards other people. From simple things to make friends and even tutors, volunteering, and doing things for a better cause. There are some nice people on the platform, and they might help you with the issues people have, whether it be small or large. Also, foundations make TikToks to spread awareness, leading people to volunteer. And I know the main reason why it’s getting banned, and somebody is probably going to argue, “WhAt AbOuT iT bEiNg An AsIaN sPyWaRe? And to answer that, I say, “What about it? What’s the deal?” The government doesn’t post their Illuminati secrets on there. It’s not like there are blueprints for nukes hidden on the website. If it spreads past just TikTok, then it’s a problem. However, now, there isn’t anything we have to worry about. For now.

Finally, TikTok should not be banned because it is a way for people to cope with self-isolation. With all of the complications that Covid-19 has caused, people have had little to entertain themselves. Sports, Movies, and Businesses were delayed for so long, and even now, people can only enter at minimum occupancies. And that’s the big reason why TikTok is needed. Sure there are other Social Media sites, but none have the content standard of Tiktok. On TikTok, you know what you are going to get. It has even spread to other sites, like YouTube, where people host competitions to see who can make the best dancing, cooking, gaming, memes, and even people falling over TikToks. This site has been dear in the hearts of many and is a great way to relieve stress in this pandemic. I’ve been joking in the last couple of paragraphs, but this really can make a difference towards people. Unfortunately (as well as fortunately), this article is not sponsored. #Ad

Overall, TikTok is an app that needs to stay on our devices. A large variety of content can lead people to reach out, learn new things, and stay mentally stable in tough times. There are many, many other reasons one could argue to keep TikTok, and equally as many to oppose. But I firmly believe that TikTok should not be banned.




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