Staff Spotlight – Mrs. Filipescu (Spanish Teacher)


Mrs. Filipescu is the Spanish teacher of Kraemer for both 7th grade and 8th grade. She’s been teaching for about 20 years now. Teaching at Kraemer is a wonderful experience for her but she especially appreciates the enthusiasm and the creativity of her students. Mrs. Filipescu states that the progression of her students is unbelievable. Though she has been teaching for multiple years, she never gets tired of the astonishing improvement.

During classes, you may have heard her say that she is originally from Romania. Mrs. Filipescu came to America in the seventh grade but, skipped eighth grade because the subjects that they were learning at the time were too easy. Ironically enough, she had studied English for three years in Romania but still couldn’t easily speak in a conversation. In one of Mrs. Filipescu’s classes, she had to learn four languages of her choice. One of her choices was Spanish for the reason that she was fascinated by the language. This is due to the fact that in Romania if wanted to watch movies from another country, the movie would most likely be subbed instead of dubbed. Having watched many movies, Spanish had intrigued her and it was also similar to Romanian.

Mrs. Filipescu, in her high school and college years, never even thought of the idea of becoming a teacher. She majored in biology and Spanish as she had wanted to go to the University of Southern California (USC). In truth, she figured that teaching would be too easy, which is utterly different from what she has now experienced. Mrs. Filipescu once had something that could be classified as a part-time job of helping teachers with some tasks. One lady who hired her was so grateful that she recommended that she become a teacher. Politely refusing, she thought that it was impossible for her to become a teacher for at the time, she thought she was an introvert. Mrs. Filipescu just couldn’t imagine herself teaching. Another reason was that she had to get only one more degree to become a pharmacist, which is what she had wanted to be. 

Out of the blue one day, the same lady called her and said that there was a job opportunity at Kraemer. Slightly annoyed, Mrs. Filipescu agreed to interview for the job. During the interview, Mrs. Filipescu knew that she did horribly and even stated that she would’ve never hired herself. Although this was the case, they still hired her for the reason that she spoke multiple languages. For her first few years, she taught English, reading, typing, and math. To this day, Mrs. Filipescu still doesn’t understand the reason why she said yes at the moment. She had even gotten a bachelor’s degree a few months before she had been hired at Kraemer which was going to be a part of her resume to become a pharmacist. Mrs. Filipescu now says that that was the greatest decision that she had made in her life. Now, she can’t even imagine herself as a pharmacist. She still keeps in touch with the lady, who now has a Ph. D. and is teaching future teachers! Mrs. Filipescu still shows her gratitude to her every time they meet.

Mrs. Filipescu has said repeatedly that she loves traveling, and through her love of teaching languages, she has the opportunity to travel the world. Traveling and teaching came about when she met a teacher that had asked her if she wanted to learn a new method of teaching. Mrs. Filipescu obviously agreed and he told her to start traveling to other countries and present there. From time to time, she would bring along her family, her two daughters, and her husband. So far they have all been to Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, and Romania), the state of Washington, Canada, Alaska, and Louisiana. She had originally planned to go to China and Korea this year but, Covid-19 has ruined everyone’s plans. One of the places that she would love to visit is Santorini Greece. The sites there are beautiful as can book a hotel right next to the Aegean Sea. 

Some foods that Mrs. Filipescu especially relishes are sushi, Korean barbeque, and seafood. Although Mrs. Filipescu likes going to Starbucks, she has now found her favorite drink which is a Havana Cappuccino from Pete’s Coffee. Remember to always give a greeting to Mrs. Filipescu and make sure to always be polite!