Why Students Shouldn’t Be Allowed to go to All Person School

Students shouldn’t be allowed to go back to in-person school because that is putting the student’s whole family at risk of being exposed to the virus.  If another student went to school with covid-19 and spread it with other students, they would go home and give it to their family.  Going back to in-person school just gives the virus another chance to contaminate others.


Another big problem is the timing.  With flu season coming up, what will happen when covid-19 and the flu mix?  Covid doesn’t affect children as much as adults, but the flu affects everyone. Last January, 27 children died at the hands of the flu, what will happen when the flu and covid-19 tango in the fall?


Even though safety is the district’s top priority, and they have made their expectations clear to the students,  the students are still kids.  Students sometimes forget about social distancing or putting back on their masks after eating.  These small things can contribute to the spread of covid-19.


Another nasty, but important reason not to go back, is the restrooms.  School restrooms already have lots and lots of bacteria and germs without covid.  Just take a moment to think about how much more bacteria would be in there with the virus.  The bathrooms should not be a dangerous place, but with the bacteria and the virus, it really could be the easiest place to catch covid-19.


Hospitals are already overwhelmed with their cases without some schools re-opening.  The covid-19 cases will skyrocket if schools allow students to come in for regular school.  If a student starts showing symptoms at school, are the nurses able to jump into action?  Is there a plan in place if a student is diagnosed with covid-19?  These are all things that need to be taken into consideration.


Going back to all in-person school isn’t just dangerous, it is also concerning to some parents.  Letting their children go to a place where other kids are, is pushing the limits for some parents.  Not knowing if the other kids have been taking the precautions necessary to stay healthy isn’t exactly settling.  Other children’s parents might not be taking this pandemic seriously, like allowing their kids not to wear a mask in public, having other kids over to play, and even going to restaurants.  These are some careless actions that could put people’s lives at risk.


Most people wouldn’t try to intentionally harm any human being, but going back to school is just another way to harm people without knowing it.  Staying safe by washing hands is the easiest thing to do, but some people just can’t be bothered to do so.  Schools have tons of germs, and not washing your hands just adds to the germ level around the school. 


All these reasons are extremely valid as to why no student should be allowed to go to all in-person school.