Paranormal Activity

Who knows what spooky paranormal beings surround us every day?


Who knows what spooky paranormal beings surround us every day?

In this world, there are several things that can’t be explained. The world is mysterious; sometimes, we see something happen that never happened. Sometimes it’s an illusion, sometimes it’s paranoia, sometimes it’s real, but who’s to say? There’s no way to disprove whether the paranormal is real, whether it exists and lurks among us, or whether it doesn’t. Everything is up to belief or faith. Many religions believe in the paranormal, and some don’t. Even people who aren’t religious believe in the paranormal, like energy that once belonged to a human form.

When it comes to paranormal activity, one of the best definitions is, of course, any unseen activity believed to be the cause of ghosts. Some people believe in ghosts, spirits from another realm that originated as people here; many believe that there are multiple types of ghosts—spectors, hostile, poltergeist, and demons. One kind of ghost or spirit that exists in a physical form beside demons or poltergeists are cryptids. Cryptids are beings that are unexplainable by science or do not have much evidence backing them. Some cryptids are legends or based on folktales; they lurk in the night, monsters in the woods. Some are creatures that were seen by multiple people at different times without any evidence backing them up. Some creatures considered cryptids are the following, Wendigo, Goatman, Crawler, Aliens, Skinwalker, more.

Ghosts are another story. People can’t see them, and if they do, they’re considered crazy. Mankind has believed and experienced paranormal activity for thousands of years. Even some of the oldest religions mention beings of another realm. Sightings of ghosts have varied from the first century A.D with the roman author Pliny the Younger up to Phil in his pickup truck down the road. It seems like everyone has had a ghost story, a strange tale of things going bump in the night. Yet when everybody says something about something that they can’t prove, those who never experienced it think they’re crazy. Like the thought of it is watered down and it loses its touch.

No one individual will likely ever be able to prove or disprove the idea of the paranormal. Convincing someone their thought is incorrect while vice versa. So no matter how difficult it could be to prove or disprove ghosts, no one would or could ever really know whether or not ghosts exist or not. Are they just fragments of our imaginations or real beings of energy with memories and the ability to do as they please from the other realm?