Science Teacher – Mrs. Winn


C. Winn

Mrs. Winn enjoying time with her daughter who she calls her “mini me”

Mrs. Winn is a teacher at Kraemer Middle School, who instructs 7th and 8th-grade science. She especially enjoys the lively environment at Kraemer and its unique students who make the school special. Since childhood, Mrs. Winn has been interested in teaching, seeing it as a means by which she could help and improve others’ lives. Mrs. Winn has taught for 13 years, and three of those years have been at Kraemer.
While in school, Mrs. Winn attended El Dorado High School, after which she enrolled at Cal State Fullerton, the University of Phoenix, and UCLA. She currently holds a degree in communication, multiple-subject teaching, and has a master of arts in education.

Mrs. Winn has a loving family that consists of her husband, Kyle, and her children, Jake and Morgan. Whenever she is stressed or feeling upset, she generally turns to her family for support. They mean the world to her, always making her day and providing her with love.
Although Mrs. Winn is devoted to her position at Kraemer, she enjoys many other activities outside of school.
Traveling is a favorite activity, but unfortunately, she is frequently unable to because her children are too young. So far, Mrs. Winn’s favorite destination has been her visit to the Czech Republic, where she toured Prague. Mrs. Winn says that if there was any job she could have besides teaching, she would be a Travel Channel host, a position that would pay her to do what she loves most.
Besides that, Mrs. Winn’s favorite holiday is Christmas. She views it as a time during which she can visit friends and family, experience the joy of giving, and celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Other than that, she enjoys the autumnal beauty of fall and is an avid supporter of the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Angels.
If Mrs. Winn were to choose one restaurant to eat at for the remainder of her life, it would have to be the Cellar, a high-end restaurant that serves seasonal dishes. Her personal favorite on the menu is the filet mignon with a side of poached seabass. On top of that, she is an ardent lover of pizza and tacos.
As Mrs. Winn is a vital member of faculty at Kraemer, be sure to say “hi” should you see her in the hallway. She always has worked hard, providing the best learning environment for her students and, as a result, deserves utmost appreciation.