Upcoming Tech

Within the last few years, phone manufacturers are adding multiple camera lenses on their midrange and high end phones. (You will always have dust on the phone when taking up-close shots...)

Darrius H.

Within the last few years, phone manufacturers are adding multiple camera lenses on their midrange and high end phones. (You will always have dust on the phone when taking up-close shots…)

The world is full of new and exquisite technology, such as mobile phones and computers. Every day, tech companies are working towards making new devices for the public to enjoy. From laptops to huge, heavy gaming PC’s, the major companies in the tech business are continuing to pump out as many products as possible, and a few of them have been announced recently.

The first two pieces of tech to be announced quite recently are the Xbox Series X, and the PS5, made by Microsoft and Sony, respectively. The two console families have been rivals in their field since the first Xbox, and the first Playstation was released. The newest Xbox is set to release sometime in the fourth quarter of 2020, while its competitor, the PS5, is set to release around the same time. The Xbox Series X is stated to have 16GB of RAM, a new controller, and has a unique design compared to its predecessors, similar to that of a gaming PC. The PS5, on the other hand, will have around the same amount of RAM, will support 120 FPS gaming, and will most likely have 8K graphics. However, the most important piece of information for most people is the price. The Xbox Series X does not have an official price yet but is expected to cost around $500. On the other hand, the PS5 will have a slightly lower price, rumored to be around $470. The two consoles are highly anticipated, but we can only wait to see if they meet the expectations of the public.

Moving away from gaming consoles, LG has announced that they are releasing a new line of mid-range smartphones, which are part of a group of phones manufactured by LG, known as the K Series. The newest line up includes three brand new phones, the K61, K51S, and the K41S. LG states in their announcement of the phones, “LG Electronics (LG) announces the 2020 K series lineup – K61, K51S, and K41S – all designed to deliver a first-class user experience with upgraded cameras, multimedia functions and improved all-around performance without breaking the bank.” The phones have four cameras, for the highest resolution possible. The phone has only 4GB of RAM, however, but not much is expected from a little device that can fit in your pocket. In the same article, the company gives a vague hint at the devices’ release date, stating, “LG’s 2020 K series will be available starting in the second quarter in the Americas followed by key, select markets in Europe and Asia.”

The last piece of upcoming technology is a new phone from none other than Samsung. Samsung releases new phones regularly, but this one is the most recent at the current time. The company is launching its new phone, the Galaxy M21, on March 16. It will be first released in India and will cost around $150, a low price in the US compared to some of the other phones in the market. The phone will run on Android 10, and have 4GB of RAM, just like the LG phone. As for the camera quality, Digit states, “The Galaxy M21 will be its triple rear camera system with a 48 MP main sensor, along with an 8 MP ultrawide sensor with 1/4.0 aperture, and a third 5 MP depth sensor with f/2.2 aperture. It will have a 20 MP selfie camera in the front for making video calls.”

The tech market is growing more than ever, and with new devices and appliances being announced or released every day, it’s no surprise that there is an endless amount of phones and technology in today’s world.