Top Places To Visit In Japan

This is a picture showing an aspect of the Japanese culture.


This is a picture showing an aspect of the Japanese culture.

When people hear the word Japan, they immediately think about sushi, ramen, anime, along with samurai and ninjas. The truth is, there are a lot more than just those few stereotypical thoughts, and Japan has deeper details in their culture as well as the places. Japan is one of the few countries that keep their deep history in place while maintaining their modern society filled with skyscrapers and subways. Japan can be one of the most enjoyable places to go on vacation due to the variety of activities and attractions that are there. Here are some of the top locations that are a “must go” in Japan.

If travelers want to have a taste of traditional and cultural Japanese life, Kyoto is the place to go to. In Kyoto, people can find bamboo forests, cherry blossoms, beautiful temples and shrines, old wooden teahouses, and more. For a relaxing, refreshing experience, people can hike up the mountains where multiple wooden houses and temples along with stone streets are located. A popular place to visit is the Fushimi Inari shrine, where there are thousands of beautiful red gates and a trail with amazing views of nature, small shrines, and statues. Another option is Gion and Southern Higashiyama, which is one of the few places that is well preserved and shows the tradition and culture of Japan.

Want to take a break from all the temples and bamboo forests? Visit Tokyo, the city that has all the modern life and bustle, which is also the capital of Japan. In this city, skyscrapers, modern fashion, delicious restaurants, and subways are scattered everywhere people go. Food is an integral part of experiencing Tokyo. The sushi and ramen are the best quality, which is far better than the American versions. The nightlife is also one of the best experiences to have, as the city is always bustling with lights sparkling everywhere. Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are other places that are great to visit as they give different Japanese experiences. A popular place is Shibuya Scramble Crossing, filled with only bustling modern malls, restaurants, cafes, and just an overall overwhelming yet exciting atmosphere.

Want to take a long, peaceful, relaxing break? The place to visit is Hakone, a national park in Tokyo.  At Hakone, there are the ever so famous hot springs directly from volcanoes, Lake Ashinoko, and best of all, Mount Fuji. When tourists arrive at the place, they immediately see a wondrous grand mountain covered with mists and clouds, with a beautiful, glittering lake along with trees laced around it. Visitors are allowed to take a breathtaking experience by riding a train or a gondola up to have a fantastic view of Mount Fuji. Relaxation can be taken when visiting hot springs in the cold weather, directly powered from the hot steams of the volcano. Not only that, but Hakone Open-Air Museum also presents sculptures and art to people as well as the Hakone Shrine for the more traditional and cultural taste of Japan.

Japan can be easily listed as the top place to visit on Earth since it provides various sides for different tourist experiences. Some provide only modern, while others give more of a traditional experience. Make sure to visit Japan and have the fullest out of the visit!