Kevin Durant Spotlight


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Kevin Durant shooting a free throw on his old team in 2014 (OKC)

On September 29, 1988, one of the more well known and famous NBA stars would be born. On this day, famous and widely known basketball player Kevin Durant would be born. He was born in Suitland, Maryland, and was born to his parents Wanda and Wayne Durant.

When Durant was just a tiny little infant, his father had abandoned his family, and he, his mother, and his siblings were left to live on their own. His father eventually returned, and he helped Kevin fulfill his dream of becoming a basketball star. In his college years, he attended the University of Texas, and played for the school team, the Texas Longhorns. However, Durant wanted a better future. So, in 2007, Durant would sign up for the NBA draft, and would proceed to play for teams including Oklahoma City Thunder, the Golden State Warriors, and most recently, the Brooklyn Nets. 

Kevin Durant’s first team was the Seattle SuperSonics. Since this was his first year, and Durant wasn’t as popular as he is today, not much is really known about this time period. However, what is known is that this was a horrible season for the team, their final record being 20 wins to 62 losses, the worst that they’ve ever done in their past. 

During his time with Oklahoma City Thunder, Durant showed heart and skill, finally having his ultimate breakthrough in the seasons from 2008 to 2010. He and his team would win many games, sign contracts, and even be listed as one of the teams having the potential to be a future title contender. Durant would stay on the team till 2016. During the seasons during 2014 to 2016, Durant suffered many injuries, and subsequently missed many of the games, causing the team to be weaker. After 2016, Kevin Durant would move on to the next chapter of his NBA career, joining the Golden State Warriors.

Durant’s option to sign a contract with the team was received negatively, but nonetheless, he joined the team. His time with the Warriors was quite similar to his time with the Thunder, the NBA star helping his team do the best they could. Durant’s time with the Warriors was brief, about 2-3 years, from 2016 to 2019. He did suffer an injury that would cost his team a few wins, in 2018. He injured his Achilles tendon, and had to get surgery to help recover. After the era of the Golden State Warriors, Durant announced he would move on to be part of the Brooklyn Nets, on June 30th, 2019. His career is still yet to continue, as he is still recovering from his nasty injury during the summer of last year. We can expect him to return as part of the Brooklyn Nets, and in peak physical condition.

Due to his popularity, skill, and the fact that he plays in the NBA, Durant makes a lot of money, and is worth a lot too. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the man’s net worth could be as much as $170 million. He also makes around $29 million per year. One of the major factors that make Durant the skilled star he is are his height and his weight. According to the NBA, his logged height and weight are 6’10 and 240 lbs, respectively. Kevin Durant is truly a gifted person, and while his injury has disabled him for now, many people look forward to what he’ll do next.