Artificial Intelligence

Google Assistant is one of the most popular artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants.

Ethan Y.

Google Assistant is one of the most popular artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants.

People have been poking around with the idea of artificial intelligence for centuries, since the time of the ancient Greeks. The Greeks had myths of robots that moved and thought on their own. People built automatons and robots moved based on a predetermined sequence of operations. Automatons are also people who lead an emotionless, monotone lifestyle. The actual term “artificial intelligence” or AI was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy. 

Since 1956, the world of artificial intelligence has become more advanced in every aspect. Artificial intelligence since then, has become successful. AI is used in the popular social networking app, Facebook. Facebook uses AI for chatbots, translations, analyzing text to find definitions, advertisements, and to find similar posts. However, Facebook had to shut down its artificial intelligence bots in 2017 because the bots had begun to speak in their own language. Many people started to become fearful of artificial intelligence because of the whole Facebook AI scandal. 

Another website that uses AI is Discord. Discord is a voice chat and messaging service made for gamers. People can also use Discord to talk to their friends (if they have any) while playing a game. Discord has bots that a server-creator can make. Discord bots are learning bots that “learn” based on what a person writes in the chat. These bots will use the information that has been gathered to create future responses.

But not only do everyday websites use artificial intelligence, but so do computers and smartphones. Artificial intelligence can be used for predictive searches in Google by basing possible searches on past searches. AI is also used in Gmail for suggested replies to an email. Many music services use AI to base ads on what artists listen to. AI is also used for music recommendations based on artists people listen to. Self-driving cars are also an example of artificial intelligence in daily life (but these cars still need the driver to be fully alert in case of emergency). 

Artificial intelligence is, of course, also used in robotics. Humanoids are a form of robots that share human characteristics and appearance. Humanoids also greatly rely on sensors like vision, hearing, touch like humans. However, humanoids greatly rely on hearing to carry out commands. Humanoids use artificial intelligence to come up with answers to questions, make facial expressions, and act as if they were humans. One of the most famous humanoids is named Sophia and she is the world’s first robot citizen. AI helps her achieve facial expressions, show feelings, and interact with humans.