Top 3 Worst Infectious Diseases/Illnesses


Darrius H.

Fun Fact! Regular surgical masks will NOT protect against the coronavirus as they aren’t tightly fitted around the nose and cheeks.

Throughout the existence of humans, there have been many infectious diseases that have killed more than a million people from everywhere. There are also many diseases that are rarer but are deadly with a 100% mortality rate, such as the mad cow disease, rabies, certain types of amoebas, and more. Many people are not aware of these diseases and because of this, they do not take the proper precautions, so more people die.

Almost everyone in the world is aware of the newly found Wuhan coronavirus that started to emerge in Wuhan, China. The first infected person was admitted into the hospital in the mid-1960s but there has not been a huge outbreak until January of 2020. The first symptoms of this virus do not show up until almost fourteen days after contact with the virus and the ones that do are the symptoms of the normal flu. A runny nose, coughing, a sore throat, high temperature, fatigue, and difficulty breathing are the symptoms that everyone should check themselves for. The way that the virus kills is through pneumonia, lung swelling, and organ failure. 

In 2003, there was a SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic. This was another virus that appeared in China. It is said that SARS is the main culprit of the coronavirus spreading because of the fact that the virus’s cells are able to “evolve” into a different type of illness. Unfortunately,  this illness has no cure because of how new it is to most doctors.

Many people do not know about the disease called “Mad Cow Disease” which is scientifically called Bovine spongiform encephalopathy. This cow disease is a fatal disease that causes the spinal cord and brain to slowly destroy itself causing hallucinations, weight loss, and trouble walking. This type of disease only appears in cows but there is a human variant called Crutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which causes psychiatric problems, painful sensations everywhere, and behavioral changes. Both of these, linked, diseases are fatal and can take years before feeling any fatal changes in their body. Just like the coronavirus, there is no cure to this disease, but there is a way to lessen a person’s chances of receiving this disease, which is cooking the food thoroughly enough so there are no raw parts.  

Rabies is an extremely rare disease, with less than one to two cases every year, but in 2019, there were three cases in a matter of 6 months. Rabies normally shows up in wild rodents and can also transfer to humans, creating a shortened life span. The symptoms of this disease are definitely not the best: fever, headache, excess salivation, paralysis, mental confusion, and muscle spasms. These symptoms are, first, caused by a bite by a rodent with either the Rabies virus or the Australian bat lyssavirus, both of which are able to transfer from animal to animal and human. Then after the bite from the infected rodent, there is a significant swelling of the brain and at one point there is a creation of excitotoxicity, which overstimulates the brain and causes the cells to die. 

There are so many people who died from these diseases and because of that, it puts these three diseases in the top places. Only one out of the three diseases has a known cure and even then, there are not many people that have this disease. The two other diseases are incurable or do not have a known cure because of how young it is and because there is nothing any doctor can do about something that has to do with the brain.