What Is Badminton & How It’s Played


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The main utensils to playing the sport of badminton; Racket and shuttlecock.

Badminton’s origins take back to the early days of Asia and Greece. During those times, badminton was called battledore or paddle with shuttlecock. In the 1800s (19th century), the British had traveled to India and were impressed to see Poona, the modern-day badminton. Finally, in 1873, a couple of dukes and their fellow guests were playing this game on a lawn and enjoyed it so much that they adopted the sport and gave it the name, badminton. Badminton became a serious Olympic sport in 1992. It is the first-ever Olympic game that was held in the city of Munich, Germany.


In modern-day badminton, four players (doubles) or two players (singles) hit the shuttlecock across the net. To hit the shuttlecock, players use a racket to hit a shuttlecock, also known as a birdie. The objective of badminton is for the opposing team to hit the birdie on to the other side of the net. If a team hits the birdie, and it hits the net, the opposing team will get the point. There are twenty-one points for three rounds. To begin the game, the server must hit diagonally across the net. When hitting the birdie, there are five basic ways to serve the birdie. The first hit is the beginning of the round, which is called the serve. The serving hit is low and quick. The smash is an overhead hit that requires a lot of power. This hit is used during the end of the round when the losing team needs to catch up in points. The Clear is a defensive hit also used during the end of the round. The Clear shot can be either an underhead shot or an overhead hit.


The majority of badminton players are from Asia, specifically from the countries of Indonesia and China. Speaking of Indonesia and China, these two countries have the most players that win the most badminton games in the world. This sport is also a popular sport in the countries of Malaysia, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, at least eight percent of citizens in the United Kingdom play badminton on a regular basis.


Badminton is usually compared to racket sports like Tennis and Pickleball. Unlike badminton, tennis and pickleball use a polymer ball instead of a birdie. People compare these three games to be very similar for being racket sports and needing a lot of strength and speed to hit the object.