NBA Trade Deadline


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The nba logo representing the league before the trade deadline

The NBA trade deadline has just recently taken place, and it has shaken up the NBA. There have been multiple trades and some are confusing but some are very straight forward. There also have been very small trades and some trades where big players are involved like D’Angelo Russel. There have been at least 10 teams involved in these trades but some teams missed out like the Lakers.

One of the biggest trades was between the Golden State Warriors and the Minnesota Timberwolves. The trade was D’Angelo Russel for Andrew Wiggins and a 2021 top 3 protected pick. This trade was rumored to happen for a while and many were not surprised by this. It was overall a great trade for both teams. The Golden State Warriors are in a situation where they didn’t need another point guard because they have Steph Curry and Klay Thompson already. Their two-star players Steph and Klay are currently injured but when they come back next season they won’t need Dlo. What they needed was a good wing player that can play defense and offense at a great feat while still young. At that position, they got Andrew Wiggins who can score the ball well and play great defense. 

They also have a 2021 top 3 protected pick which, if they get the number one pick in the draft lottery they can draft a great young center in James Wiseman. The Minnesota Timberwolves also benefit from this because they get another great star player next to Karl Anthony Towns. Dlo is a great passer and scorer and he also can space the ball very well. His spacing abilities will get the defenders on him and KAT will get many easy points. KAT used to be all alone and the duo with him and Wiggins wasn’t working out.

Now we will talk about the horrible trade between Cleveland and Detroit. This trade made no sense for the Detroit Pistons because they traded a guy that was an all-star for nothing. They traded Andre Drummond for Brandon Knight, John Henson, and a 2023 second-round pick. This trade made no sense because Andre was likely to decline his 28 million dollar extension. The Pistons traded him in fear of him staying because they did not want to pay up. They also want to go into rebuilding mode and Andre has been there for 8 years and he has not worked out for them. The two players each got only 5 points per game. The Cavs, on the other hand, won this trade by far. They got an all-star for nothing and they don’t have to keep him. The Cavs only had to give up players that are meaningless to them that they will not use in the future. They wanted Andre for the rest of the season and to increase the chances of him signing with them.

The trade with the most teams that happened this deadline is a 4 team trade deal that involves Houston’s Excenter, Clint Capela. This trade involved 12 players and the main people in it were Clint Capela and Robert Covington. Clint Capela got traded to the hawks to pair him up with All-Star Trae Young. The Timberwolves traded Robert Covington to the Rockets for some of Atlanta’s picks. 

The trades this season have been nothing but crazy and the NBA will see a lot of changes after this.