Should Parents Be Held Responsible For The Crimes of Their Underage Children?


Ethan Y.

A strict father (cough) punishing a kid for a bad deed he did.

Many people want the parents of children to be responsible for the crimes that they do, but they should not. It should not be the parents’ fault if their child commits a crime, because the parent is not involved with it. They don’t always know what is going on in their child’s head. It is no secret that many teens break laws thinking that they are indestructible. Most of the activities that they do are drinking, vandalism, and possession or being under the influence of drugs. Many others do even more and harsher illegal things like stealing cars, breaking and entering houses, murder, and more. All age groups are capable of committing crimes that break the law, but if they don’t get caught they will go on to even bigger crimes. 

Parents should not be held responsible for their children’s crimes. Parents know that committing a crime is wrong but an underage child might not. It has nothing to do with the parents unless the parents are somehow involved and are promoting the crimes. It is very rare to find a parent and their child committing crimes together. Teens commit crimes due to the thought of not getting caught and could get away with it Only the way that person views right from wrong. Even if the children are diagnosed as mentally unsound, insane, crazy, manic-depressive, it’s still not the parent’s fault. Some people might argue that the way that teens act is based on their parents, but it’s like when they are with their friends they will steal or commit a crime to impress them, or to act cool. This has nothing to do with the parent, only the child, or teen, committing the crime. When kids get in trouble, the controversy goes straight to the parents for the attribute to the fact of how the kids were raised.

To conclude, everyone makes mistakes, but everyone has to take responsibility and not blame others for mistakes. This is just like blaming a parent that has not influenced crime on a child. All people know when they are doing something wrong, but it is their decision to keep going or to stop. It has come time to give responsibility for their own actions to teens and young kids. Parents should not be blamed for their children’s crimes.