Student Spotlight: Matthew Y.

Matthew Y. is currently an eighth grader attending Kraemer Middle School. His electives are Spanish and Biology. As a seventh-grader, he took Chamber Orchestra but wanted to switch to Biology knowing he would take orchestra again in high school. Matthew is also in Geometry Math where he learns high school math which may be challenging but he is able to get through it. This means Matthew has two bridged classes which means every morning he has to walk to Valencia High School in order to attend class. His favorite class is Mrs. Stueber’s language arts class. Her class makes it a lot easier for him to communicate and interact with others. Matthew’s favorite thing about Kraemer is its diversity, opportunities, and how it is preparing him well for high school. 

Before attending Kraemer, Matthew attended Fairmont Elementary school from first to second grade and then moved to Woodsboro Elementary. Next year, he plans to attend Eldorado High School and partake in the ED LAW program they offer. After high school, he strives to go to Harvard University and become a lawyer or something related to law. 

Matthew is fully Korean and was born on November 10, 2006, in St. Jude’s Hospital located in Santa Ana.  He has two younger brothers named Daniel who is ten and Benjamin who is eight. He also has an older sister named Audrey who is 16. Living with three other siblings is very chaotic and interesting but it helps Matthew never be lonely since he always has someone to talk to.

Some of Matthew’s hobbies are playing golf and taekwondo. He also enjoys playing the violin even though he quit his elective. His favorite tv shows he watches while procrastinating or during his free time are the Office and My Little Pony. Even though he gets judged sometimes, he doesn’t care what people think of him and is motivated to finish the whole show. During his leisure time, Matthew jams to his favorite artists: Twice, Blackpink, and Ray Chen. He mostly spends the most time playing Brawl Stars and talking to friends on Google Hangouts. Currently, Matthew’s favorite food is boba and tteok-bokki, a popular Korean dish that is a spicy fried rice cake with egg.

Kraemer Middle School has been a great experience for Matthew and has taught him many things to prepare him for the future. Even though Matthew tends to have a habit of procrastinating, he still tries to get the best grades he can. Despite leaving many of his friends next year, Matthew is optimistic about what comes next and hopes for the best.