Cyber Patriots

This is a picture of Kraemer Middle Schools Cyber Patriots team.

Ethan Y.

This is a picture of Kraemer Middle School’s Cyber Patriots team.

Kraemer Middle School has many clubs that support the different interests and goals of students to participate in. Some of them include Speech & Debate Club, Poetry Club, Art Club and more. Cyber Patriots is a club that involves learning about cybersecurity.

Cyber Patriots is the National Youth Cyber Education Program that both Kraemer Middle School and Valencia High School work closely together on. These groups learn about cyber networking, computers, operating systems, and more. Members of this club are trained and taught under the guidance of Mr. Osborne, Mrs. Hogan, and Mr. Christiansen. 

Once joining the club, students form teams with their friends,  which they will stay in and work together throughout the entire season in competitions as well as training. All year, students train after school on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and during PRIDE at Kraemer on Fridays. Being on this team requires commitment, as being absent for more than one meeting without a good excuse means getting removed from the club. 

This club has proven to be very fun and interesting learning experience as bonds can be created in teams as they continue to collaborate with each other. These teams also receive professional education from training rounds at Coastline College, which is also where competitions take place. These events are around 6 hours long and require perseverance and grit from every team. It may seem extreme, but Coastline provides snacks, drinks, and pizza for lunch as refreshments during the long hours. 

The competition season lasts from the beginning of October to April. However, this is not the only way to be actively participating in Cyber Patriots. There are several other programs available such as the SoCal Cyber Cup, Girls Go CyberStart, and much more. Both Kraemer and Valencia cyber teams have reached state-levels and were the top 30% of all teams for several years.

But why would anyone want to join Cyber Patriots? Well, the great thing is, you don’t need any background knowledge of anything about computers! Everything is learned there, plus it can provide career pathways for not only cybersecurity, but also other science, technology, and more. Students are able to form strong friendships within teams as they collaborate with each other for the entire year. Teams are also able to go and learn from the best of college students at Coastline College. Not only that, tons and tons of snacks including pizza or In-n-Out hamburgers are provided! Above all, it’s pretty much the best and most fun club to join ever!